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About Me

I used to travel for business. Not a lot, just enough to make life inconvenient. I was always surprised by the number of Burdicks I encountered around the country. After all, it's not a common family name like Smith or Jones. So it always struck me as odd that there were so many of us around. Well, not too odd since, when I was growing up, my mother decided to trace our family's history.

It turns out that virtually every Burdick in the North America can trace their ancestry back to a single settler who came over from England in 1651 and landed on the shores of Rhode Island. From there, he planted his seed (in the form of ten children) and over the centuries the Burdick clan has grown into the tens of thousands and spread into every corner of the country.

I started this site so that the Burdicks have a home on the web. I welcome all Burdicks or friends of the family to contact me with information you would like to present, or just to keep in touch. Even if you're not 'one of the body' you may enjoy the history.

Here's my own ancestry, listed by generation:

  1. Robert and Ruth (Hubbard) Burdick
  2. Deacon Robert and Rebecca (Foster) Burdick
  3. Jonathan and Judith (Clark) Burdick
  4. Jonathan and Ruth (Millard) Burdick
  5. Jonathan and Anna (???) Burdick
  6. Jonathan and Hannah (Crandall) Burdick
  7. Amos C. and Wealthy (Allen) Burdick
  8. John Isher and Mary Ann (Austin) Burdick
  9. William Henry and Nellie Irene (Langworthy) Burdick
  10. Dr. Howard Elwood and Pearl Irene (Gleichmann) Burdick
  11. John David and Lenore Emma (Rasmussen) Burdick
  12. Howard Edgar and Lois (Kirk) Burdick

Up until my grandfather, Howard Elwood (1898-1967), all of my direct ancestors stayed put in southwestern Rhode Island. But Grampa got the bug and headed for the boom towm of Detroit in the 1920s. He was a veternarian who had a long practice on the northwest side of the city until his death. His brother, Dr. Donald Langworthy (1900-1967) was an anethesilogist in New York City; he was married later in life and never had children. Grampa's youngest brother, William Henry (1904-1928) never married.

Grampa and my grandmother, Pearl Irene (1898-1975) had two sons; my dad, John David (1927-2011), and William Henry (1932-). My dad was a portrait photographer in Detroit and later with the Birmingham School District before retiring several years ago. Mom, Lenore Emma (1925-2000), was, as mentioned above, the inspiration for my interest in genealogy.

My parents had two sons, John David (1952-) and me, Howard Edgar (1955-). My wife, Lois (Kirk) Burdick (1944-) and I never had any little rugrats, but my brother and his wife, Janet Ann (1954-), have three wonderful daughters who are now grown with families of their own.

And me and Lois? We live in McKinney, Texas, just outside of Dallas. We were both born and raised in Detroit and after leaving Michigan we've lived in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, California and Kentucky. But Texas is home and where we plan to stay. We live a quiet life - except for when we become raucous hockey fans... but that's another story.

So now you know more about me than I'm sure you wanted to.

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