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May, 2000

Burdick Birth Mom Found!

by Sey Jones (aheame@msn.com)

(As regular readers know, Sey Jones has been looking for her adopted daughter's birth mom, who is a Burdick, for some time. Both the January and April newsletters contained information asking for help. Now, I am pleased to report that after a lot of hard work, Sey has located Ann's birth mother. But she is still searching for Ann's grandparents, perhaps you can help. As before, please respond to Sey directly. - HB)

We found my daughter's birthmom last week. We learned that she has a half sister on her mom's side and two half-sisters and half-brother on her dad's side. Ann has a full blood brother we've not found as yet. We did find his ex-wife who promised to forward our information to him. She refused to give me a way to contact him, which was a big disappointment.

Unfortunately, we were too late for Ann to meet her father as he died in 1998. Everybody is still reeling emotionally from this reunion. They have only spoken by phone and have written letters and sent pictures. They are working on trying to put together a reunion. Some are in PA, some in LA, some in TX and some in CA.

We're still looking for Earl Spencer Burdick, my daughter's birth grandfather, and her brother, Cary Eugene Heck.

It was the work of the genealogy community who gave so much time and energy to this project that made the reunion possible.

We are very, very grateful to all who helped with research and moral support!

Sey Jones

(Sey has also made an entry in the Burdick Whitepages to help find Earl Spencer Burdick, listed below. - HB)

Looking for parents/siblings of Earl Spencer Burdick born Taft, CA circa 1922. He served in the navy. He is believed to have lived in Garden Grove and Ontario, CA. He married twice:

1. With June Lois Parsons and had the following children: Cindi Lynn Burdick b Apr 10, 1946 Orange, CA, Barbara June Burdick b Mar 28, 1948 divorced.

2. With Mary Roberta Davidson had the following children: Earl Spencer Burdick, Jr., Roberta Burdick.

Cindi Lynn Burdick has children: Scott aka Cary Eugene b 4-14-66 Elmira, NY, Ann Marie Jones Elsasser b 3-15-67 Westminster, CA, Traci Lynn Mitchell b Arp 28, 1970.

Any leads on Earl's parents appreciated. Thanks.

Helping to Search for Burdicks

by Larry Wood (lwood67976@aol.com)

(Jim Holmes (jwholmes@nycap.rr.com) lives in Washington Co., NY and is Larry Wood's cousin. He's been helping Larry seek proof that he is related to Parker Burdick through Larry's known ancestor, Parker Burdick Crandall (yet another Burdick/Crandall cross-fertilization!) Even though Larry and Jim haven't yet made the connection, Larry was kind enough to send the results of Jim's research in the hope that it will help other Burdick family members. - HB)

Hi Larry -

I wish I had better news, but I was not able to find anything on Parker Burdick or the other relatives I was looking for. I have received many emails that start like this one and it always feels like the air being let out of a balloon...

I did find many references to Crandalls and Burdicks, but not the names you mentioned. Also, the Washington County records were pretty spotty until about 1830 or so, which is past the death date of Parker Burdick (1810-1820). The person at the land record area said Albany County may have some of the older records since Washington County was originally taken from Albany County.

Here is what I did find -- maybe it is of some use:

The following people died leaving a will, which is on file at Washington County Clerk's Office:

1826 George Burdick, Book V p. 265
1852 Ephraim Burdick, Book F p. 280
1870 Winter Burdick, Book M p. 146
1884 Ezra Burdick, Book S p. 547
1884 Christopher Burdick, Book T p. 8 (son of George?)
1887 Almira Burdick, Book U p. 273
1887 David Burdick, Book U p. 299
1892 Ephraim Burdick, Book X p. 309

1862 Thomas Crandell, Book B p. 360
1862 Simeon Crandell, Book G p. 208
1865 Alexander Crandall, Book J p. 553
1874 John R. Crandell, Book N p. 400
1879 Jane C. Crandell, Book P p. 432
1884 Nathan R. Crandall, Book S p. 381
1885 Washington H. Crandall, Book T p. 237
1886 Asa Crandall, Book T p. 493
1887 Isaac Crandall, Book U p. 106
1889 John R. Crandell, Book V p. 456
1890 Nancy Crandell, Book W p. 123
1893 Susan S. Crandall, Book X p. 413

The following people died WITHOUT a will:

Samuel Burdick Oct 8, 1827
Fred C. Burdick Nov 26, 1862
David Burdick Jul 28, 1868
Betsey Burdick Mar 28, 1885
Almira Burdick Dec 27, 1887 (well did she leave a will or didn't she??)
Betsey Burdick Apr 10, 1893
Willard Burdick May 20, 1893

The only ones that may have been a contemporary of Parker Burdick were George Burdick (d.1826) and Samuel Burdick (d. 1827). Of these, only George left a will. I looked up George's will, which revealed the following family members:

Wife Patience Burdick
Son #1 Christopher Burdick
Daughter #1 Mercibe? Allen
Son #2 John Burdick
Son #3 Job Burdick
Daughter #2 Rebecca Chase
Daughter #3 Mehitable Hart
Daughter #4 Elizabeth Burdick
Daughter #5 Anna Burdick

I then went to the building next door which had the land records. After having the indexing system explained to me -- you're right, it's pretty wacky -- I checked for your names and came up empty again. I want to stress that there were a multitude of land exchanges between people named either Burdick or Crandall, but none that I could find with the specific names I was looking for. Also, none that I could find between Burdicks and Crandalls or vice versa. Again, there was not a lot of activity listed for anything much before 1830 or so, and I wonder if Albany County has some of those.

From the information you sent me, it seems pretty clear that Parker Burdick lived in Washington County from 1790 to 1810. I would think there would be a record of that somewhere.

Hmm..well I really wanted to give you some good news -- God knows I have been helped out by a lot of people -- but the names just weren't there. I hope some of the names listed above might shed some light.


Ready For a New Burdick Web Page?

by Howard Burdick (hburdick@nilenet.com)

I've been wanting to upgrade the Burdick web site for quite a while. My problem is that I don't have enough time (as you can probably tell from my delays in replying to email and all the spelling mistakes in this newsletter!) Your response to this newsletter, and my web site, has been overwhelming and positive. But I believe the Burdick family deserves something better.

As such, I will be securing a new domain name that will make it much easier for family members to locate the Burdick page in cyberspace. Let's face it, "www.nilenet.com/~hburdick/botw.html" is a bit cumbersome. I'll also handle the hosting of the site and all the "business" side of the equation.

What I need is someone who can do the programming and maintenance. So... Are there any budding (or already flowered) webmasters out there? As you can probably guess, there is no salary or compensation involved, other the reward of knowing you're contributing to something that means a lot to many, many family members.

Other than some high-level guidelines from me, you'd have complete artistic and technical control over the site. If you're young and in the early stages of your digital career, this could be a great platform to "show your stuff" to potential employers. If you're further along in the career of life, this could be a way to relax and be in touch with a lot of interesting family members (like me!)

For the first couple of months, a commitment of about 10 hours per week would be required. After that, only a couple hours per week should keep things under control.

Don't think that I'm dropping my responsibilities. I'll still be writing the Newsletter and involved with correspondence and web site management. But in this digital age, no one can do everything by themselves. So I'm asking for help.

I think it's time to take the Burdick Family to the next level on the Internet. Together, we can make this one of the best family sites on the web! Here are some of the ideas other family members and I have suggested:

* Better graphics and animation.
* Family picture albums.
* Individual family member pages.
* Better Burdick business links.
* Better genealogical links.
* More on-line help in Burdick family research.
* New page locations for Burdick military members.
* New page locations for Burdick retirees.
* Schedules for family reunions.
* Etc., etc...

As you can see, there are virtually no limits to what we could do. My only problem is that, like everyone else, I'm stretched too thin. If you'd like to help, or just give some feedback or ideas, let me know. At this stage, nothing is set in concrete so the floor is open for ideas. I'll keep you posted.

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Sally Chirlin (chirlin@norwich.net), has done a lot of research into the early Burdick settlers who moved into central and western New York. She has compiled quite a list that she is graciously making available to family members. It's too long to reproduce here, but if you'd like a copy, drop me an email and I'll forward it onto you. You can, of course, contact Sally directly if you'd prefer.

In a similar vein, Tom Gross (Thosgross@aol.com), has compiled a list of the contributors of information about Robert Burdick at the LDS church. It's a long list, also, so send me an email or contact Tom if you'd like a copy.

Karen Burdick Pineiro (Kpineiro@aol.com), has made her father, Robert Allen Burdick, proud. She has written a book, "Incidents From A Shelter", about her work in a women's homeless shelter. We'll let you know when it's available.

My good buddy Joann Rhome Herring (quilter2@alaska.net) wants everyone to check out the Urban Legend web site to debunk those nasty rumors about Neiman Marcus Cookies, AOL/Microsoft paying money to send an email, Flesh Eating Microbes on bananas, and more.

Sarah Miller (scba@beeze.com), maintains a list of Burdick family member contacts, which as of now is linked to my Burdick list. So, if any of you new listees don't like getting this unsolicited email, PLEASE TALK TO SARAH! Otherwise, welcome aboard, glad to have you with us.

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