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June, 2000

Burdick Research

by Dakin Burdick (burdickd@indiana.edu)

(Dakin has been one of the earliest supporters of my Burdick web site. We have discussed doing futher research into the Burdick family several times, but neither one of us has had the time. Unlike me, Dakin had a good excuse. He was earning his Ph.D. in American History and American Studies from Indiana, which he received in 1999. Now he has some time to devote to the family, and needs your help. I figure I can do at least 100 pages for him (read on to see what that means). - HB)

Hi folks! I've been researching Burdick history on and off since the 1980s and have always been interested in rewriting and updating Nellie Johnson's book. I'm looking for people who wouldn't mind doing some data entry on the work, since it is going to be about 2000 pages long. Nellie was definitely an overachiever in this department!

What I want to do is use a system I developed while editing "The Descendants of George Renbarger (1760-1852) of Grant County, Indiana" (1993). That was a 253 page work that was left to my father by Lucy Marie Kimball (1896-1979). The notes for it were all typed so I scanned them in and cleaned them up. I also changed the organization of the work, which was important.

Like Nellie, Lucy used the system of nesting generations, which helps follow specific families as long as you are not dealing with too many generations. As we all know, there are lots of Burdick generations! Nellie's system depends on assigned numbers, and they can get quite out of control as you know if you've ever looked at the book. What I did instead was list people by their birth year, name, and parent's name. An entry for me would read:

1962 Dakin Robert BURDICK, son of James Alan (1934).

From there, the information was laid out as usual, but children are referenced by their names as well:

1996 Corwin Courage
1998 Lorna Hope

As a historian, laying the material out by years let me compare people in the same cohort or age grouping. For the Burdick book I also plan to add a subject index for historical points of interest (Little Big Horn, Boston Massecre, Indian negotiations, Vietnam War, etc.) Once the book is rewritten in this manner, we can parse the material into a computerized database and conduct longitudinal studies on the family.

My hope is that other historians would become interested in the Burdick material from there and use it as a basis of information for cultural and social histories. If we could get non-Burdicks interested in the history of our family (Nellie Johnson did an extraordinary job putting it all together), I think the family would reap an explosion of material and research that we would all enjoy.

Sounds great, right? Well, the problem is that I'm not independently wealthy (I'm currently working 6 jobs!) so I don't have much time to devote to my dream. I already have some material entered and I've tried to go back and verify Nellie's research on the family's early materials (like her, I'm listing the sources of information for each person), but I could use a lot of help scanning and verifying the material.

What I would like to do is send out paper copies of 20 pages at a time, plus a scan of those pages, and have volunteers check the scan and correct it where necessary. From there, I would add in the material from Nellie's mimeographed addendum from the 1950s, and reorganize the material by year. If you can devote a small bit of your time, let me know.

This is a huge job, but the sooner we get started the sooner we can update the final material. If anyone has already written a history of their branch and would like it added into this work and published sometime in the future, send it to me. If you have written your own history and DON'T want it published with this material, send me the information on your work and I will list the title and publication in the updated work at the appropriate spot. For example:

1912 George Henry BURDICK, son of Aloysius (1889).
See: John Carter, "Descendants of George Henry Burdick (1912-1992)" (1998).

(BY the way, the names above are made up!)

That's how I'm listing all the works I've found so far, and I'd love to tie in family histories of OTHER families connected to the Burdicks. That would create a web of material to study. If you have another family history that links up with the Burdick family, let me know the citation and where it links to the Burdicks.

Please write to me if you are interested:

Dakin Burdick
1261 Winfield Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 333-9873

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Say Jones (Stangsey@aol.com), who has now located her adopted daughter's Burdick birth mom and family, wishes to pass on a quick update. Her daughter, Ann, and her full blood brother e-mail each other almost daily now that they've been reunited. One of Ann's half-sisters, who lives in Pennsylvania, is coming to California this summer for a visit, and a birthmom-daughter reunion is planned for Christmas! Sey wants to relay how excitement and gratitude abound in her home these days!

Myrna Burdick (MHBurdick@aol.com), and her family visited Burdick, Kansas and verified Frank Mueller's research on how the town got it's name. Burdick, KS was founded in 1889 and named by an attorney for the Santa Fe railroad after his sweetheart. Love conquers all...

Jonathan R. Burdick (burdickj@swbell.net), is moving into the e-commerce age. He is using his website, Propeller Head Productions , to sell his book and consulting services. Check it out.

Mark Council (qlpi@sover.net), a friend of the Burdick Family, is also selling his wares on the web. Mark is a professional photographer working in the northern Vermont woods. His images are striking and affordable. You can see them at http://www.naturephotographs.com .

Frank Mueller reports that a Burdick woman from northern Florida was a panelist on "Who Wants To Be A Millianre". Anyone know who she is?

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