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July, 2000

How Are We Related?

by Frank Mueller
Burdick International Ancestry Library
2317 Riverbluff Parkway #249
Sarasota, FL 34231-5032

(As most of you know, Frank operates the Burdick International Ancestry Library and is the author of the book: "The Burdick Family Chronology". He has provided a table describing how to figure out your relationship to someone. You know, all those confusing "this-number cousin" and "that-many times removed" things. - HB)

Click here to view the table of relationships. It is a complex table that is best printed to be used. When you print, it'll be easier if it fits on a single page. You can do this by setting your browser to the smallest font size (if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, select "View" from the menu bar, then select "Fonts", "Smallest"). You may also need to lessen the margins of your printer (select "File", "Page Setup") to get it to fit. Have fun tracking down all those shirt-tail relatives!

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Dakin Burdick (burdickd@indiana.edu) reports that work is well underway on digitizing Nellie Johnson's Burdick book (see the June, 2000 issue of the Burdick Newsletter for full details). The first 320 pages have been sent out to volunteers for proof reading, but that still leaves over 1000 pages to go! I've completed my first 20 pages and am ready to start on my second batch. This is a VERY important project, so if you have any spare time please contact Dakin to offer your help. Now that I can speak from personal experience, I can tell you it only takes a few hours to verify 20 pages. You don't have to have any special equipment, just a PC with a word processor -- Dakin does everything else! This would be a great project for student groups, elderly groups, or just something to do instead of watching reruns on TV. If you can help, please do. After all, we're not even asking for money!

Elaine Burdick Olsen (nesloe@earthlink.net) reports that her son, Anton Russell Olsen, is part owner and primary developer of Murl.com, an on-line bookmark site. You can see it by going to: http://murl.com/welcome/ . It's pretty interesting, give it a try. I'm always glad to see another Burdick join the e-business revolution!

Lynn Gehling (Crzylgr@aol.com) has been researching her mother's Burdick family past and found that Thomas Burdett was hanged at Tyburn on May 20, 1477 "for making incautious jest against the King whilst on a hunting expedition." If the same rules appied today, we wouldn't have any comics around! She also discovered that Thomas may have been some kind of higher up. This is the earliest record Lynn has found on the Burdick/Burdette family. Anyone no more?

Rodney Burdick (rodneyburdick@hotmail.com) reports that his daughter, Rebecca, graduated from the United States Air Force Academy on May 31, 2000 and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. Her degree is in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Math. Rebecca turned down an opportunity for graduate work at the Air Force Institute of Technology to accept an assignment at Minot AFB in Minot, North Dakota. Congratulations, Lieutenant Burdick!

Last month, Frank Mueller told us he saw a Burdick woman from northern Florida as a panelist on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and wondered if anyone knew who she was. Jan Meyers (jmmeyers@netnitco.net), our friendly Jackson Township Trustee in Chesterton, IN (home of Burdick, Indiana), saw the lady's name, Donna Burdick from Ft. Walton Beach, but didn't know anything more about her. Bill Burdick, Sr. (wsburdick@tgsec.com) knows a whole bunch of Burdick women in northern Florida (Trenton, just outside of Gainsville), but none of them were on the show. By the way, those Burdick women from Trenton are his mother, wife, five daughters, and one daughter-in-law. But Andrew Burdick (Spungehead@aol.com) had the final answer. The lady in question is his sister, Donna. He was her companion on the show, which he says was an interesting and frustrating trip. I don't know about you, but I'd like to know more. It turns out that Donna has Frank's book on the Burdicks, but it didn't help her win the million. Imagine that!

The new Burdick web site, http://www.burdickfamily.org, is not yet operational, but at least it is available on the Internet. Right now, it simply points you to the existing web site. Hopefully, before too much longer, the new web site will be ready for its debut (but don't hold your breath!)

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