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September/October, 2000

Burdick Book Report

by Dakin Burdick (burdickd@indiana.edu)

(With the help of many family members Dakin is making great progress on digitizing Nellie Johnson's Burdick book. The project is turning the corner and coming into the home stretch. When completed I'll publish the list of everyone who has helped, so immortalize yourself in the annals of Burdick history by helping us proofread! I dislike asking for help every Newsletter, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing me beg, so why not volunteer and shut me up! Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and perhaps you now have a little extra time to help with proofreading. As always, you're assistance is greatly appreciated. - HB)

We now have 850 pages of the Burdick book scanned, 769 pages have been assigned to people for proofreading, and of those 536 pages have been completed and returned. If you need more pages to proofread or need help with the ones you have, please let me know.

School is starting here at Indiana University and I'm going to be very busy for the next two weeks getting the folks in my department taken care of. I'll be doing another big push of copying and scanning after that to get the rest of the book in digital form before the end of the September.

Then we need to complete the proofreading. The goal is to get all the pages cleaned up before Christmas, so I can do spot checks throughout the text over the Holidays. Then we'll start adding in the addendum information.

Thanks Everyone!

Do Not Forget Us Females!

by Patricia Regan (PnutReg@cs.com)
Coordinator for the Lewis County, NY GenExchange

(Pat makes several excellent points which us male Burdicks should take to heart. It was my mother, a non-Burdick, who stirred my interest in genealogy, not just my Burdick heritage but also my Rasmussen, Gleichmann, Langworthy, and Potratz lines. - HB)

I would like to bring up a very important issue. Everyone should realize that a great many people who do not at this time carry the name 'Burdick' are very much a Burdick. They descend from the female Burdick Lines. Many of us are very proud of our Heritage and our association with the Burdick family and the fact that we descended from one. But as with many females, we do not carry the name into the next Generation.

We still carry a Burdick blood line and we probably have as much 'Burdick' in us as any other descendant. I am a proud Burdick Family descendant going back to Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard.

Because of woman who are as determined as I am in claiming our Ancestry, the Researchers of the Future will have less problem finding their female Ancestors. Blood is thicker than Water and I am sure that Burdicks are too. Onward Woman Ancestors!

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Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

I, your humble and mistake-prone Newsletter editor, made a couple grievous errors in relaying last month's tidbits of Burdick trivia. Dorothy Burdick (dburdick1@juno.com) points out that Rebecca Burdick and husband Hiram Winters were with the LDS church members in "Kirtland", Ohio, not "Kirkland" as I reported. Dorothy knows her history, reporting that Kirtland, near Cleveland, is where a temple was built around 1833. It is now owned by the Reorganized LDS church, headquartered in Independence, MO. The dedicated women of the church donated their fine dishes to be used in the mortar of the temple.

Judy Scholler (scholrs@uniontel.net) also has a connection to Rebecca Burdick. The "pioneer mother" was half sister to Judy's g.g. grandmother Lucinda Burdick. Lucinda was born to Gideons second wife, Jane Riley, and married John Benjamin Baldwin in Jamestown N.Y before settling in Alexandria, MO. In the 1850 census for Alexandria, Oscar Winters, Rebecca's son is listed in residence with John and Lucinda.

Dan Lundy (jardam@concentric.net) helped catch another one of my errors regarding Jonathan and Hannah (Greene) Burdick, the elderly couple who passed away within an hour of each other. Hannah was Jonathan's mother. Roxey Forman was Jonathan's wife. Thanks for keeping my historical accounts acccurate. I'm sure some of you other proofreaders have come across interesting items, send them to me!

Greg & Traci (Burdick) Murphy (amber235@hotmail.com) wish to announce the birth of their daughter, Delaney Shannon Murphy, born June 24th in Miami, FL. You can tell she'll be a child of the information age, Delaney already has her own web page: http://www.geocities.com/traci_murphy

Joe Burdick (jburdick@ee.net) reports that he will be responsible for bringing the newest member into the Burdick family... his new wife! On Sept 30th, in Cleveland, OH, they will be tying the knot. Melissa J. Burdick. Welcome.

Alice Walker (jwalk@itsnet.com) is a descendent of Eveline Burdick, who is the daughter of Alden, who is the son of Gideon, etc. She is wondering if any family members have ever seen a photograph of Alden Burdick and his wife Jerusha Parks. She has looked quite a few places, but hasn't had much luck. It would be a great find since they are the only photos Alice is missing for five generations.

Joann Rhome Herring (quilter2@alaska.net), the Burdick family's representative in Alaska, wanted to let everyone know that her brother, Jerry Rhome, has begun his job as the quarterback coach with the Atlanta Falcons. You can read all about Jerry in the February, 2000 Newsletter.

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