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May/June, 2004

Connections to Lt. Frank Burdick

by Betsy Winters Horton (ewhorton@mn.rr.com)

(I love it when this Newsletter can help make conenctions between family members. You may remember the story of Civil War soldier Lt. Frank Burdick in the November/December 2002 Newsletter. Betsy saw it and passes along the following. - HB)

I was stunned to come across the information from Claudia Houston and Connie Johnson about Lt. Francis L. Burdick, who served and died in the Civil War. For years I have had custody of Francis's diary, hand-written in pencil and faded, along with a couple of pictures, a contemporary newspaper clipping telling about his death (at the Battle of Weldon Road), and a letter from him to his sister written on Oct. 27, 1863, from Fort Marcy, VA (where he was stationed at the time.) These were passed down to me by my father, Austin Phelps Winters (b. 7/20/06), whose father's cousin was yet another Frank Burdick (Francis Loomis Burdick, whose birthdate I don't knw but he died in the 1940's or 50's). Frank's son had died, and a year later (about 1911 or 1912 or so) he visited my grandparents in Richmond Hill, NY. He took a great liking to my father (then 7 or 8), and to my grandmother's shock Frank took him out, got him his first "boy" haircut (he had had a Dutch bob), and bought him his first long pants. Of course my father thenceforth thought Frank could do no wrong; Frank went home to his grieving wife Lola (Walz) and said, "We have our Francis back!" For the rest of his life my father spent summers with Frank and family on their farm in Hampton, Virginia. I'm sure that Frank gave the Burdick diary and memorabilia to my father.

Regarding queries about Mary Williams: Mary was Frank and Lola's adopted daughter and my very dear cousin. Frank and Lola had two natural children, Francis and Esther, who both died in childhood. (My father knew and played with Esther his first couple of summers in Hampton.) The grieving parents decided to adopt a little girl, who turned out to be Mary (I think this was in 1916 or so). Her parents were farmers in the Rapahannock area of Virginia, who both died, and the 4 children were placed in an orphanage in Richmond, Va. Once Mary arrived at their home, she pined for her brother, Walter; so they adopted him too. Then they both longed to see their sisters Lucy and Letty - and so Frank and Lola adopted both of them as well! Sadly, Letty also died during the 1918 flu epidemic; but my sisters and I have always considered Lucy and Mary to be like second mothers to us. We too spent summers with them. Because this was during WW II, and Walter was in the service, we didn't see as much of him; but he returned home after the war and worked as an electrician at the shipyard in Newport News.

Walter was the only one of the three to have a child, Sandra, born of his first marriage to Rita McFall. Sandra is now married and lives in Texas. Walter and Rita were divorced and Walter remarried to Kathryn (whose last name I can't remember). Mary married Ed Williams, soon to be president of Williams Paving Company (founded by his father), which built roads all over the mid-atlantic states after the war. They had no children but treated us like their own. Lucy was married later in life (1947, when she was 42), to a widower named Carle Payne, then administrator of the VA Hospital in the Hampton area. She was my youngest sister's godmother and we all loved her dearly. Lucy died several years ago, Walter died after Lucy, and Mary was the last to die (I don't know when). My sisters and I all went to her funeral and hosted a reception for the guests afterwards.

My greatgrandfather was William O. Winters of East Marion, Long Island. He "disgraced" the family by running the blockade for the South during the Civil War. He came back to East Marion only to leave abruptly and, with his brother, open a fish market in Brooklyn (the original Fulton Fish Market.) His wife Elizabeth was our Burdick connection. Their son (my grandfather, James Wallace Winters) was an only child, and he eloped with my grandmother (Ida Belle Matson of Norristown, PA) whose family promptly disowned her. My father was their only child, so these Burdicks were our closest and dearest family on my father's side.

I have a request. I have a family heirloom, a lovely little beaded bag with the name Harriet Elmira Burdick on the front, and "aged 10 years" on the back. Does anyone know who Harriet Elmira might be and when she might have been born? The silk to which the beads are sewn is very old and fragile so I think it must be 19th century.

History of the Burdick Baby Spoon

by Robert W. Burdick,
Submitted by Juli (Burdick) Bernock (jbernock@chartermi.net)

(Family heirlooms come in all shapes and sizes, as relayed in this story by Robert Burdick. And a great story it is! - HB)

I remember that when I was a small boy there was always a looped-handled baby spoon in the silverware drawer in the kitchen. Since there were no longer any babies around, I asked why we still had it and was told that it had been in the family a long time. Both my brother, Dennis (b. 1941), and I (b. 1945) had used it as had our father, Roy (b. 1909), and his two brothers and sister as well as their father, Leo (b. 1871)

The spoon was just always there and I never thought much about it. Then in 1970 Marriet and I had a daughter, Julie, and the spoon was handed down to us to use for her. As I recall she mastered it in record time and made very good use of it. In 1975 our son, Justin, was born and he used it as well.

I had noticed that the spoon had an "H" engraved on it. This puzzled me because none of the people whom I was told had used it had a name beginning with "H". Since the spoon was being passed down from generation to generation, was it possible that it had also been passed down to my grandfather, Leo? About the time Julie came along I became interested in genealogy and began a more serious attempt to construct our family tree. I found that my grandfather's father was born in 1823 and was named Henry Robert Burdick. It is quite likely that the spoon dates back to then.

In the mid-1970's Marriet turned on the garbage disposal and heard a terrible racket. She quickly turned it off and searched for the cause of the noise. From out of the disposal she pulled the spoon, but, alas, it appeared to be too late. The spoon was quite mangled, and it was judged to be terminal. Nevertheless, she took it to a jeweler who said he would try to repair it. Not only did he restore it to its former shape and save the engraving, but he also gave it a new plating of silver. It looked like new. Incidentally, I was only told this story after the spoon came back from the jeweler.

In 1993 our daughter, Julie, married Bob Bernock, and in 2001 they had a baby girl, Jessica Lynne. And, the spoon traveled on to another generation.

Burdick Family Recipe... Final Entry

by Beverly Franks (bevfranks@gci.net)

(Bev sends along this recipe which, appropriately called "Genealogist Stew." Unless someone sends along a really great sounding recipe, this will be the last one published in the Newsletter. Thanks! - HB)

1 curious beginner

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1 unreadable microfiche (or sub microfilm or efile)
1 census record written in disappearing ink

Fold in:
1 ton of correspondence


Simmer while waiting for answers to queries.

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Jane Maxson (jhm2727@cox.net), our Maxson cousin, wanted to alert everyone that the Local History/Genealogy section of the Westerly Library will be closed until July. They had some pipes freeze during the cold spell in January and must empty the "vault" (a room with collections accessed only by a few lucky people) into the main room, so researchers will be unable to avail themselves of the resources and volunteer services. If anyone wants to do research, they can request books which the reference librarians will retrieve for them. But, according to Jane, the fun of the room is the chance to browse among the many antique books about Rhode Island, Rhode Islanders and to talk to the volunteers.

Speaking of libraries, Sally Chirlin (chirlin@adelphia.net), one of our Burdick historians in Norwich, NY, discovered three books of SDB records at the Norwich Library, all of which have been compiled by Ilou M. Sanford, Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society, PO Box 1678, Janesville, WI 53547. The titles are "MEMBERSHIP RECORDS OF SEVENTH DAY BAPTISTS OF CENTRAL NEW YORK STATE", "FIRST ALFRED SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH MEMBERSHIP RECORDS, ALFRED, NEW YORK", and "MEMBERSHIP RECORDS OF SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH IN WESTERN NEW YORK AND NORTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1800-1900. Sally strongly suggests you prod your local libraries and historical societies to get them, if they don't have them already.

Carol Reppard (chacar@empireone.net), wishes to pass along the passing of Duane L. "Pug" Burdick, October 31, 2003. Carol's "Uncle Pug" was the last of the surviving children of Allan Fayette Burdick(8) and Edna Angell. He was a tireless genealogist and the main founder and predominant force behind the Tromptown Historical Society in Carol's hometown of DeRuyter, NY. He will be greatly missed, not only by his family, for his love, friendship and compassion and also for his boundless historical knowledge of the town and family history.

Donna Lamke (jhlamke@rnetworx.com) has been working on her mother's side of the family. Her maiden name was "Burnick". Donna and family have always believed (and have some marraige records that show) that the Burnick family came from Ireland. She canno,t however, trace the name back to Ireland and feels it may have been changed along the way. Have anyonw ever heard of a connection between the "Burdick" and "Burnick" families? They are so similar it seems like maybe they could have once been the same. Please let us know is this rings a bell.

Connie Wright (DBBFAN111@aol.com), frequent contributor to this Newsletter, would like to announce that she is now a grandma! Mallory Jo Hughes was born March 5th at 12:50 am. Mallory missed her mom's birthday by 50 minutes, but Sarah still had the fun of being in labor on her own birthday. The baby weighed a hefty 8 lbs., 9 oz. and was 21-1/2 inches long. Connie has a lot on her plate lately (like spoiling Mallory) but promises to get back to her email soon. Congrats!

Rodney Burdick (rodneyburdick@hotmail.com) has been burning the midnight oil in Lubbock, TX. Besides working on compiling the 1885 RI State Census, he decided "to take a break", as he calls it, to sew a Family History Quilt. The quilt features the family of Clark and Clarissa (Crandall) Burdick of Burdickville, RI who are recognized as Revolutionary Patriots by the Sons of The American Revolution (SAR). The quilt includes pictures of Clark, Clarissa and 11 of their 18 children! Rodney won Second Place in the Amateur Wall Hanging Category in the Ogallala Quilt Festival in Dimmitt, Texas. Pictures of the quilt are on the "Photos" section of the Burdick Family Association web site (http://www.burdickfamily.org). Congratualtions, Rodney!

While you're looking "Photos" on the Burdick web site, check out Marion Vencent's (CHASMARVINCENT@peoplepc.com) old photo of Charles Mortimer Burdick, b.13 Mar 1873, Town(s)ville PA (Marion's husband's grandfather). "Grandpa Charley" is the child in the front who later changed his surname to Vincent. The man on his right, with his legs crossed, is probably George Burdick, Charles' father. The other man could be one of George's brothers. Some question of who the women in the back are, wife's perhaps? If you know more about this picture or these people, please contact Marion.

Imagine my surprize with I drove down Preston Road here in Frisco, TX (a route I take probably 20 times each week), looked to my left, and saw a big purple letters emblazoned over a storefront reading "Burdick Baby"! Rene Burdick (burdickbaby@yahoo.com) recently opened the store featuring unique and innovative baby/chaildren's products to meet the needs of that latest additional twig on the family tree. Check out the Burdick Baby web site at http://www.burdickbaby.com.

Speaking of new businesses, every Burdick should know about the Other Tiger Bookstore in Westerly, RI. Robert and Katie Utter (tiger@othertiger.com) opened this one-of-a-kind bookstore late last year and are an important source of books about Burdicks and the area from which we come. They have "old" Howard Burdick's book, "Along the Shore", "Old Pictures of Westerly", by Robert's father George Herbert Utter, books about Watch Hill, Weekapaug, and more. When I ever can find the time, I'll post some of their listings on the "Store" section of the Burdick Family Association web site, but 'til then, you can contact Robert and Katie at Other Tiger, 90 High Street, Westerly, RI 02891-1838. Phone: 401-596-2200. Fax 401-348-6754. Email: tiger@othertiger.com.

They're at it again! Howard and Jane Burdick, aka. the Seaburds (Seaburds@aol.com), are crusing up the Atlantic Coast from the home in Stuart, FL. They plan to work their way up the Hudson River and into Lake Champlain, on to Montreal, and back by way of Prince Edward Island and Novia Scotia. We're expecting updates! Have a safe journey.

Richard Hodgens wishes to report the death of Mark E. Burdick of Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN. b. 23 Nov 1974, d. 05 Nov 2003. Does anyone know more?

Gary Burdick (seafox@cableone.net), a 12th generation descendant of Robert Burdick, has put together a great web site of historic Burdick and Sullivan family photos. Check it out at http://myweb.cableone.net/seafox and see if you can help Gary identify people.

Sany Burdick's (dburdick1@mindspring.com) singing career is still in high gear. She and husband Donald will be going to Nashville on May 10th to record, and perhaps complete, album #4, "I Believe In Miracles". Check out Sandy's new web site at http://www.SandraLeeBurdick.com .

Jane Frichtl (frichtlj@charter.net) is looking for information about Charles E. and Priscilla Burdick. They were in Kingman County, KS in the 1900 census and in Young County, TX in the 1910 census. There was a message posted by Ken Burdick in 2000 in the Burdick Whitepages about Charles and Prescilla, but Ken's email address is no longer valid. Ken, if you're out there, please contact Jane. Thanks.

Whitney Hite (woh@zianet.com) is looking for info regarding Lewis Burdick and his wife Thorenda Whitney. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Russell Sherman (russsherm@yahoo.com) is just starting research his family history. His mother is Burdick. Her name is Sharon Kay Burdick (Sherman). She grew up outside of North Adams and Florida, MA. Her fathers name was Robert Burdick, and her mother's name was Edna Burdick(?). Does anyone know more?

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