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Summer, 2011

Chasing the Name

by Bryan Burdick (duckcrew@comcast.net)

(Bryan's successful quest for discovering his roots should be an inspiration to all of us. Through a lot of hard work, and a little luck, he has preserved the link of his family line to the greater Burdick genealogy. I look forward to adding his information to our family's repository, especially knowing how he generated it. -- HB)

In the Southeastern Connecticut coastal village of Noank most of our family members did not travel far from the area. Noank is located five miles from the Rhode Island border and the Burdick ancestral towns of Westerly and Hopkinton, and about forty miles to Newport. My father, Victor Bryant Burdick was born 15 May 1928 in Noank; his father Thomas Eugene Burdick was born 7 August 1895 in Noank, passing away in Noank 26 Jan 1992.

His father, Walter Ellsworth Burdick was born in the adjacent Mystic / Stonington area 8 August 1858, passing away in Noank 29 August 1948. We knew that great-grandfather Walter’s father was Caleb Burdick, that he was married to Sarah Matilda Denison, that he had fought in the Civil War, and was wounded in the battle of Port Hudson MS. However, none of the family had reference to Caleb’s parents, and to really confound things my grandfather (Thomas E) was adamant that, “we’re not part of those Rhode Island Burdicks”.

In the mid-90’s I started a quest to find Caleb’s ancestors. An uncle shared a reference, The History of Groton CT which detailed the actions of the 26th regiment of Company K during the Civil War. An opportunity to have a free afternoon in Washington DC got me to the National Archives where, befriended by a LDS researcher I uncovered seventy-eight pages of records for Caleb H Burdick. While the records intimated the correct Caleb, none of the records disclosed his birthplace or his parents names. The records did flesh out his war record and his petitions for increased disability pension (he was initially awarded four dollars a month for his crippling injury, a musket ball through his left hand).

I purchased Nellie Johnson’s history along with the supplement, but still had no link to Caleb’s ancestry. A tip from an aunt’s friend led me to examine the 1850 census for Griswold CT, thirty miles North of the CT / RI coast. Oh My!!! A Thomas Burdick is listed along with his wife Abigail, and the census lists their children Mary Ann, Thomas, Charles, Frank, Caleb, Asher, Sarah Emma and Abby. Nellie Johnson’s records list Thomas (634) along with wife Abigail and children: Mary, Thomas and Clarke, Clarke corrected to Charles in the 1952 supplement. Thomas (634) is listed as Feb 1794 Charleston RI – 3 Nov 1883 Griswold CT. What inspired him to travel from Charleston to Griswold in the early 19th century and how he got there is still a mystery to me, but the potential link was established.

The 1870 and 1880 census shows Thomas living as a “dependent” with daughter Mary Ann (Burdick) Bromley in Plainfield. In 2008, with my Dad and Mom, we visited the Plainfield Town Hall and found the records for Thomas’ grave. A short drive and a tromp through the woods brought us to an overgrown private cemetery with headstones for Thomas, Abigail and Charles.

The 1860 census shows Caleb residing in “Center Groton”, with wife Sarah and sons Frank, Eugene and Walter, Walter listed as born in Stonington CT (East of Mystic). We knew Caleb fought in the Civil War and that his wife Sarah died in 1870, but were pleasantly shocked to discover that in 1872 he married another “Sarah” (Sarah C. Parks), this information coming from the Archives records. Another discovery came from cemetery research to find that Caleb and his second Sarah are buried in Mystic (Caleb’s grave only marked by a bush). I believe that I have substantive evidence from the history records, family records, war records, cemetery records and census reports to tie my ancestor Caleb to Thomas (634) and subsequently to Robert.

While this connection brings us back in ancestry, I’ve continued to document the families from Thomas (634) forward. Some of the revelations are wonderful, some are disconcerting, but, it is what it is. Our immediate family annually holds a holiday Christmas party at the Noank Firehouse. We have upwards of eighty participants ranging from direct descendents of my grandfather Thomas Eugene to extended family friends.

The summer of 2010 we held a family picnic / reunion, pulling direct descendents from Hawaii, Wisconsin, Florida, South Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire as well as our CT / RI family. Under the picnic tent I spread a twenty foot brown paper map extending from Robert Burdick (Newport RI 1651) thirteen generations to the latest family members. Though our newest Hawaiian, Curren Kamahau’olinui Burdick (31 Dec 2009) did not attend, my twin granddaughters Samantha and Madeline Burdick, born 21 May 2010 debuted, and two days later Connor David Simas, son of my niece Amanda Kathleen (Morrone) and grandson of my sister Vicki Anne Burdick joined the family. I hung markers at the end of the map allowing family the opportunity to fill in blanks. This past Christmas we again had over seventy participants.

The effort to date adds 160 names and seven generations to the Thomas Burdick (634) descendent chart while uncovering an alphabetical soup of related family names from Ayer to Williams. Though the discoveries are exciting, the heartbreak is finding that someone just passed away: no chance for their stories or their enlightenment. I’ll continue searching, tracking our immediate line and reaching out to the other Thomas descendents I can find. I get the good feeling that I’ll never be done...

The Stillman and Pickering Families

by Steve Saunders (putt4doe50@yahoo.com)

(The Burdick and Stillman/Pickering families have a long history together. In fact, nearly 300 Stillmans and Pickerings appear in the Burdick genealogy. Steve is a Stillman family researcher with a Burdick connection and he has provided the following Stillman information about famous connections that he thought may be of interest. He has a LOT more, I am just showing some highlights here. -- HB)

Through Lady Elizabeth Montagu Pickering, the wife of Sir Gilbert Pickering, a royal lineage has been thoroughly documented by John R. Sprague III. The Stillman Family Genealogy Home Page extends sincerest gratitude to John R. Sprague for researching and documenting this lineage. All direct decendents of Mr. George Stillman may rightfully claim this lineage as theirs for whatever purposes such claim may serve.

This lineage has been extended through the Great Kings of Scotland, Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, and Charlemagne, King of Franks.

Jane Pickering (1659-1685), the daughter of Sir Gilbert Pickering, (Feb 11, 1610/1611-Oct 1668) and Elizabeth Montagu, (c1620-c1679) married George Stileman (1654-Nov 17, 1728).

Just before and after the Restoration, there was a tremendous amount of turmoil everywhere in England with the monarchy in constant struggle to wrest control from the Parliament and with religious groups fighting openly to gain control as well. Sir Gilbert Pickering died in 1668 leaving his elsest son Sir John Pickering in charge of the Pickering family. The throne of the King of England was once again claimed by the Roman Catholics through the Stuart family when Charles II died and his misfit brother James II - who, as his beheaded father Charles I, believed in the "divine right of kings" - became King of Great Britain in 1685.

Most likely the the strongly protestant George Stileman Pickering and Puritan-heritage wife, Jane Pickering, became involved in the ill-fated Duke of Monmouth rebellion of 1685. Though George and Jane Pickering were apprehended and charged with treason, they were enabled through wealth and influence to leave England - leading to their immediate setting sail for the American Colonies from London in late 1685 with all that they could carry with them. George Stileman Pickering Jr., a second son, Samuel Stileman Pickering, and a daughter, Jane Stileman Pickering, were left behind to be sent for when their new home in the New England colonies had been established. Tragedy struck during the trip when Jane Pickering died at sea of complications resulting from premature childbirth.

From here, the ancestors of Elizabeth Montagu can be traced back quite far:

Sir Sydney Montague and Paulina Pepys
Sir Edward Montague and Elizabeth Harrington
Sir James Harrington and Lucy Sidney (Elizabeth's parents)
Sir John Harington, married Lucy Sidney
Sir John Harington, married Elizabeth Mutton
Robert Harington, married Alice ?
Sir John Harryngton and Katherine Colepepper
Sir John Colepepper and Juliana ? (Katherine's parents)
? Colepepper and Alianor Grene
Sir Nicholas Grene and Jane de Brus (Alianor's parents)
John de Brus, Lord of Connington and Exton, and Margaret Hardreshule (Jane's parents)
Bernard de Brus, Lord of Connington and Exton, and Agnes ?
Bernard de Brus, Lord of Connington and Exton, and Agatha ?
Bernard de Brus, Lord of Connington and Exton, and Constantia de Morteyn
Robert de Brus and Isabel
David of Scotland, Earl of Huntington, and Maud of Cyfeilog (Isabel's parents)
Henry of Scotland, Earl of Huntington, and Adeline, daughter of William II de Warenne, Earl of Surrey and Isabel, daughter of Hugh, Count of Vermandois
David I the Saint, Earl of Northumberland and Huntington, and Maud, daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Huntington, Northampton and Northumberland
Malcom III Canmore, King of Scots, and Margaret, daughter of Edward Atheling
Duncan I the Gracious, King of Strathclyde and King of Scots, and Sibylla.

And the line continues back through the Great Kings of Scotland. In addition to this line, other notable ancestors include:

Isabel died before July 1147, daughter of Hugh de Crépi, Count of Vermandois.

Hugh de Crépi, the great Count of Vermandois son of Henry I, King of France and Adelaide.

Henry I, King of France.

Maud, died 1130/1, daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Huntington , Northampton and Northumberland who died after 1076 and Judith.

Robert I, Duke of Normandy (father of William the Conqueror, and tenth in descent from Emperor Charlemagne), died 1035, son of Richard II and Judith.

Saint Margeret, born in Hungary about 1045, died 16 November 1093, daughter of Edward Atheling, Prince of England and Agatha (daughter of Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg).

Edward Atheling Prince of England , born 1016, murdered 13 November 1057, son of Edmond Ironside.

Edmond Ironside King of England , born 993, died about 1057, son of Ethelred the Unready and Elgiva (daughter of Ealdorman Thored of Northumbria).

Ethelred the Unready King of England, born 968, died London 23 April 1016, son of Edgar the Peaceful and Elfreda (daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar of Devon).

Early Colorado Pioneers

submitted by Liz Burdick (lizb2550@comcast.net)

(Liz is working on a project of early Colorado pioneers and found this history of James Burdick and his son, Edwin Burdick, in a book published in 1934. While no relation to her, she thought we would all enjoy reading it. I know I enjoyed it. I know there are quite a few Burdicks in Colorado, so if you are a descendant of this line please let me know. -- HB)

Excerpt from:
The Real Pioneers of Colorado
by Maria Davies McGrath
CWA project #551 1934

James A. Burdick was born in Elgin, Illinois, September 19, 1840, and is a representative of one of the old pioneer families of that State [who were] of Norman descent. He was educated in the common schools of Elgin, and in the Illinois Polytechnic University, from which he was graduated with the degree of civil engineer.

In 1858 he came to Colorado, took up the profession of civil engineering and also became actively identified with mining. He devoted a half century to the profession and ranked as one of its most eminent representatives in this State. He was one of the founders of Georgetown, Colorado, where he resided until 1878, when he removed to Leadville. In 1880 he became a resident of Gunnison County.

At a subsequent period he took up his abode in Irwin [Gunnison County],Colorado, where he resided until 1882. He then moved to a ranch on the Ute Indian Reservation, where, afterwards, Hotchkiss, Colorado, was founded. There he resided until 1916, when he removed to Lakeland, Florida, having retired from active life. He is now (1918) a resident of Longmont, Colorado, enjoying the fruits of a well-spent career.

James A. Burdick enlisted for service with the western forces in the Civil War and was an independent scout from Colorado and Nebraska during the latter period of hostilities between the North and South. He also filled the office of county clerk and recorder of Clear Creek County.

He married Nancy Bell Kilgon [See note under Edwin Isaac Newby Burdick], who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, December 28, 1842, a daughter of Isaac Kilgon. Mrs. Burdick passed away on September 6, 1916, at the age of 73 years, leaving two sons, Edwin I. and Fred M.

Edwin I. N. Burdick was born near Georgetown, Colorado, September 18, 1859, a son of James A. and Nancy Bell (Kilgore) Burdick. He was educated in the public schools of Georgetown, Leadville, and Hotchkiss, Colorado, and in Denver high schools. Later he entered the University of Colorado and next attended the Kent College of Law in Chicago. Subsequently, he took up the study of medicine in the University of Illinois. He was graduated with an L.L.B. degree in 1890 and won the M.D. degree in 1892. He was admitted to the Bar of Colorado in 1888 [sic].

Following his graduation from the medical college, he lectured in the Illinois University and university extension for a period of 6 years. He then returned to Colorado in 1900, taking up his abode in Denver. He entered upon the practice of law and had his office in the Charles Building.

He certainly deserves much credit for what he has accomplished, for he worked his way through school. He had charge of the boys’ dormitory of the University of Colorado. He also kept books, worked on the Rocky Mountain News as a cub reporter and occupied the position of night clerk in the Mountain View Hotel. While in Illinois in 1894, he was made judge of the county court of Ottawa County, and occupied that position for 18 months. He belongs to the Illinois Bar Association and, through his connection with the Colorado Bar, has always enjoyed in high degree the esteem and confidence of colleagues and contemporaries in the profession.

On February 6, 1898, Mr. Burdick was united in marriage in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with Miss Martha J. Newby, a native of Georgia, and a daughter of Thomas and Lydia A. (Woodlee) Newby of Scotch-English lineage.

Mr. and Mrs. Burdick are members of The Pioneer Women of Colorado. Mr. Burdick holds the office of attorney for the same (1934).

In the biographical sketch of Edwin Isaac Newby Burdick’s parents (following),his mother’s name is given as Nancy Bell Kilgon. Here it was clearly typed ”Kilgore.” In this sketch of himself the name “Newby” would indicate that he and his wife. Martha J. Newby, had some familial relationship.

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Kevin Burdick (kevin@kevinburdick.com) sends word that his g-grandfather and family patriarch, Howard Link Burdick, age 102, of Yuba City, CA, passed away on March 25, 2011 at Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, CA. Born in New York State, he was a long time resident of Gridley, working many years as the head Custodian of Gridley Union High School. He has lived in Yuba City for the past 12 years of his life. He was active as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. Howard's wife, Lareta Amanda Burdick, and son Russell H. Burdick have preceded him in death. Survivors include three daughters; Nellie Taylor and Sharon Myers of Yuba City and Irene McVoy of Cody, WY; and son, David Burdick of Clovis, CA. He is also survived by 23 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and 18 or more great-great-grandchildren.

Robin Moore (mightymo61@gmail.com) wanted to let all of us know about a great website if you are researching Upstate New York Burdicks: Old Fulton NY Post Cards (www.fultonhistory.com.) You can search more than a million items from all of New York state. A quick search using the name "Burdick" turned up over 5000 articles! This is a great place to check for old newspaper articles, obituaries, wedding announcements, etc. Robin had a lot of success in finding articles about many relatives. So, for anyone working on NY genealogy, check it out. You might be surprised at what you find. One final note... Robin has done a lot of research on the Westerly Burdicks in addition to the New York Burdicks and is willing to share.

Penny Burdick (drpennysequim@gmail.com) passes along some sad news. Her father, Jesse Gordon Burdick, MD passed away March 15, 2011 in Sequim, Washington from age-related causes. He was 93 years old and was a retired industrial physician, worldwide traveler and was very active in the Unitarian-Universalist church. Penny's mother, Aural Eloise Burdick, age 96, is still living and in amazingly good health. Gordon and Eloise were highlighted in the Winter, 2010 Burdick Newsletter.

Scott Bill Hirst (scottbillhirst@yahoo.com) wanted to let everyone know about a great Civil War resource on Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com/civilwar150.) Even though it is a pay web site, they are offing a 14-day free trial subscription. You can read the press release at http://ow.ly/4uSRA.

Georgia Baldwin Harding (georgiabh@aol.com) is trying to find information about Aiken Burdick. He married Jane Sprague about 1846/47. Jane gave birth to David F. Burdick on October 24, 1847 and to Sarah Jane Burdick (Georgia's g-grandmother) on March 20, 1849. Aiken disappeared sometime after that. Jane's parents were Benjamin and Ann (Hall) Sprague. Jane then married Francis "Frank" Benson and they had one child, Cornelia S. Benson (July 7, 1859 - January 1, 1860). Frank was killed at Gettysburg on July 17, 1863. Jane then married Francis D. Wanzer, who was much older than her. Do you know anything more about this Burdick line? If so, please contact Georgia.

Erin Davis (erin@oakforesthoa.net) came across this very useful web site and thought everyone would enjoy using it: http://www.localpages.com/content/family-local-american-and-world-history-resource-collection.html. LocalPages is full of great genealogy sites and resources. Check it out.

John Lesuer (johnlesuer@cox.net) is still looking for anyone that may have information on the evangelist Alfred G. Burdick who spent some time in Rhode Island. If you know of anyone who may have some information he would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

Gene Warner (gwarner@manitouislandsarchives.org) is helping to keep the Burdick family history alive in South Manitou Island, Michigan. Putnam Burdick was one of the original settlers on the island, arriving in the early 1850's. Although he became the island's biggest original land owner, not much is known about where he came from, why he came to the island, what he did there, or what ultimately happened to him. In an attempt to shed some light on him, Gene offers a new biographical essay. While some of those questions are answered, others may forever remain a mystery. Information about the Putnam Burdick family is scant, and details often conflict. Nevertheless, Gene's article will help fill the void that seems to have existed up to now. You'll find a link to his article on the Manitou Island Archives home page: www.manitouislandsarchives.org.

Jay Armstrong's (JArmstrong@jobbernews.com) mother was a sister to Helene Baldwin. Helene married Julian Burdick (I3417) in April, 1905. Helene died in 1962 and her father, Jay's mother and another sister and brother, Fred Baldwin, attended the funeral on Nantucket. Jay would like to contact any of the descendants of Julian and Helene to flesh out his family tree. If you have any info on this family line, please contact him.

Karen Baker (mferency.baker@gmail.com) has uncovered a lot of information about her family line, starting with Beriah Lewis Burdick (I433). But she cannot find anything on Clare Beriah Burdick (I210433), one of Beriah's sons. If anyone can help with Clarke please contact her. Thanks.

Sharon Hackett (mercedes2633@yahoo.com) is trying to discover the lineage of a Nathan Burdick. He was born in Frewsburg, NY on Sept. 9, 1827 and died June 4, 1912 and buried in the East Hickory, PA Cemetery. His wife was Margaret Patterson. His son William Allen born Jan. 6, 1855 and died Feb. 23, 1937 (buried in Guitonville Cemetery PA) is Sharon's gg-grandfather. A census states Nathan's parents were from Vermont and another census from Poland Chautaugua County, NY states a Nathan and Joshua lived with Phileana Burdick who possibly could have been their mother. That's where Sharon hits the wall. Can you help?

A couple years ago, Sarah Miller (scba@beeze.com) found a note in a Burdick Newsletter from someone who had bought a farm that used to belong to her brother, Vincent Hale Burdick. The new owners found some of his World War II medals in an old barn and wanted to return them to a close family member. Sarah contacted them and arranged to have the medals returned but the transfer was never finalized. She has since lost touch with them. If anyone has information about the missing medals -- even if they were given to someone else -- Sarah would appreciate knowing. There was a diary and at least one medal. Thanks.

Jane Skwirut (hskwiru1@tampabay.rr.com) has been keeping an eye on the news and has a Burdick connection for us. Linda Drane Burdick is one of the prosecuting attorneys in the Casey Anthony murder trial currently underway in Florida.

Sandy (Sides) Castor (sandy0511@clearwire.net) is trying to find out more about Richard D. Sides who married Marinda Luella Burdick (I1828) in November, 1862. They lived in Washoe Valley, NV, in Virginia City and Franktown. His parents, Leonard and Christina (Lyerily(?)) Sides, also had William, Susana and Isperana. Some of their children married into the Penrod and Grammer families. Sandy is trying to find out where Richard D. Sides was born as well as other information about him. Richard and Marinda were divorced and she re-married and moved back to Utah. Sandy's great uncle in Ada, OK, showed her the family bible that had written in it that Richard was the first County Treasurer of Carson City Utah Territory, 1854. If you know more, please contact Sandy.

Jane Kellogg (jek20new@localnet.com) passes along word that Ruth (Burdick) Sharp died peacefully at her home in Ithaca, NY on June 16, 2011, just shy of age 101. She was born on June 27, 1910 in Milwaukee, WI, the younger daughter of William and Eleanor (Streckewald) Burdick. She had an older sister, Suzanne Burdick Beale, who predeceased her. Ruth graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1931 with a BA in History. On August 22, 1936 she married Richard Lauriston Sharp (1907-1993), of Madison, WI. They had two children, Sander (b. 1937) and Suki (b. 1943), who are married with families of their own.

Bill Burdick (burdickwm@gmail.com) and Kem Hart-Baker (Ptownpest@aol.com) have been diligently researching the family of Lyman Gideon Raymond Burdick (I710764). They have answered most questions but are hoping someone can fill in a last few details. Lyman G. R. and Harriet W. (Madison) raised their family of 12 children in the Pownal, VT and Adams, MA areas in the late 1800s. Bill and Kem are seeking information about son Alfred W. and daughter "Let". Kem recently came into possession of a photo of "Let" (see the "Photos" section of the Burdick Family Association web site), so we know she existed. But no written record of her or Alfred W. has been found. Can you assist? If so, please contact them. (By the way, Kem and Bill are experts in the Lyman G. R. Burdick line, so if you have any questions you have about this branch of the family they are the ones to go to.)

Is anyone out there a descendant of Jared and Lucy (Sheldon) Burdick? Jared's ID number is I327. If so, please contact me (howard@burdickfamily.org). I will soon be in possession of a family bible that belonged to him and it would be great to have it returned to a direct descendant.

Janis Lanphear's (wedig4gold@com-pair.net) husband is a descendant of Joel Crandall Maxson whose wife was Mary Larkin and whose parents were Peleg and Clarissa/Clara (Burdick) Maxson. Records show Clara was born Nov. 15, 1793 in Rockvillle, RI and died Jan. 7, 1882 in Hopkinton, RI. She and Peleg are buried in Ashway Cemetery (Hopkinton #18 Historic Cemetery, Janis has a picture of their monument). They were married June 15, 1809 in Rockville RI. But Janis cannot figure out who Clarissa's parents were. At first she thought Clarissa may have been married before Peleg but since she was only 16 when that occurred, a previous marriage is doubtful. Can you help?

Catherine (Harris) Nielsen (cfhnmd@gmail.com) is seeking information about her grandmother, Phoebe Ann Burdick (1856-1925), who was married to Gerald Harris. Catherine has found a census showing Phoebe's father to be Elijah Burdick (1815-1865) who was born in New York. Ancestry.com lists Elijah's father as John (1793-1861) and Elizabeth (Spencer) Burdick (Nellie Johnson's book lists John Burdick as marrying Elizabeth Spencer but does not show Elijah as one of their children, but is does show a son named Elisha.) There is also evidence that she married Edwin W. Harris in Pennsylvania and then moved to Iowa. Does anyone know this line?

James Burdick's (james.burdick@desjga.com) family comes from Belarus where there are still Burdick family members. He has heard that a few from his line are in the United States (James lives in Montreal). Are you a Burdick of Belorussian heritage? If so, James would love to hear from you.

Did you know that Edmond, OK is named after Edmond Schuyler Burdick (I110603)? I didn't, but Nina Hager (nhager@edmondhistory.org) did. You see, Nina is the Exhibit Director of the Edmond Historical Society & Museum. Edmond was in charge of the railroad running through that area and when the town was formed, they used his name for it. Edmond died in Mexico City of Typhoid in 1909. Nina is looking for any descendants of Edmond who may know more about his railroad career. Are you one of them? If so, please contact her.

Nina is also has interesting information about Edmond's mother, Maria Banyer Edmond, who married Elisha Burdick (I603) in 1856. Maria, born September 25, 1837 in Long Island, NY, is the daughter of Dr. Robert and Mary (Delaplaine) Edmond of New York. Robert is the son of William(1755-1838) and Elizabeth (Payne) Edmond (William served in the US Congress.) Maria owned a piano that belonged to her great, great uncle, John Jay, one of our country's Founding Fathers. The piano was purchased by Jay in Amsterdam and adorned his home in New York while he was governor of that state. Don't you love history and how our Burdick family is intertwined with it?

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