Burdick Newsletters

Spring, 2014

Success After 25 Years

by Becky Dibble (maggie@dibblefamily.com),

(Twenty-five years... now THAT is dedication and persistence! Becky's story should be an inspiration to us all. As I have expressed many times, the work that genealogy researchers goes through never ceases to amaze me. I hope you enjoy Becky's journey of discovery as much as I did. -- HB)

Unbelievably, we have broken through a brick wall that I have been working on for at least 25 years and my husband's 97-year aunt and her mother worked on before that. This case involves an adoption that many people probably have wrong.

First, my husband lost the Burdick name way, way back when Deborah Burdick (I5) married Reverend Joseph Crandall. From there, he descends through the Robert and Lydia (Burdick) Babcock line. (Surprisingly, the Burdick genealogy currently ends with Lydia, so Becky's work will help fill in a long-standing gap in the family tree - HB.)

Life gets interesting when Cora Lois Babcock, daughter of Elias and Jane Ann (Thurber) Babcock, marries Everett Lockwood. At least most people think it is Everett Lockwood. That is because Lockwood is his adopted name. In reality his name is David Everett Carpenter. We knew his father was David Carpenter but never knew where he was buried or any details.

This is what the family already knew. David Carpenter and his wife, Jemimah Belden, were traveling photographers in the mid-1800's. Jemimah stems from the large Belden family; her father was Joshua and her mother was Charity Smith. David and Jemimah had two sons, Luzerne, born in 1854 and my husband's great grandfather, David, born in 1856. We knew David Sr. died at a young age and Jemimah continued in the photography business leaving David Jr. with the Lockwoods, who were childless. After much begging she agreed to let them adopt her son and he grew up going by the name of Everett Lockwood. We have a picture of Jemimah and her sons. David always knew and visited his mother a lot and his children called her "Grandma Cowley", which was her second husband's name.

Well, that is all we knew. We had no idea where David Carpenter Sr. came from, when and how he actually died or anything except his name. This summer I found a grave on the Internet for a David I. Carpenter in Sanford, New York. This was the exact area where they lived. The grave stated he died in 1857. My husband and I did a "genealogy vacation" to upstate New York last August and visited his grave. I believe that, as we stood there, probably the first people to visit his grave in 125 years, he felt sorry for us and gave us some major help "from up above". When I got home I looked for what seemed like the 1000th time on the Mormon site and, unbelievably, we found him on an actual census! We had never seen mention of his existence anywhere before. It was the 1855 Census of New York, it lists:

David Carpenter - dagurrean (old name for photographer) born in New York
Jemimah Carpenter born in New York
Luzern Carpenter age 1 - born in Wisconsin

The key here was that Luzern was born in Wisconsin. We had previously found a Luzern in New York state where it said he had been born in New York. We also found a Luzern Carpenter who was born in Wisconsin and had been in the Navy as well as in California. I now believe the New York census is wrong about his birth place.

From that point I then looked for parents of David Carpenter and found a family from the Sanford, New York area that had moved to Winneconne, Wisconsin. The census showed this fmaily had a son, David Carpenter, so I believe I am correct in all of this. This family then moved back to New York sometime in the 1850's as they are then on the New York census again in the same area where they came from.

So in case anyone has traced the line from David Everett going back up to the Lockwood line, this is wrong. This is what we found...

Luzern and David Everett Carpenter's parents are David I. Carpenter (born 1821, died February 2 1857) and Jemimah Ann Belden. David I. Carpenter's parents are John Carpenter (1783-???) and Susannah (no known maiden name). The parents of John and Susannah are listed as coming from Wales and England so I don't think they are part of the large Carpenter clan from Rehoboth.

I have more details about the family, other siblings I've found, etc., in case anyone would be interested. But I guess the message is to never give up!!! You never know when you get a little help "from up above".

Amazingly, the family actually ended up in Wisconsin a couple generations later. In fact I'm from Wisconsin, only about 60 miles from where the Carpenters lived!

My husband's line is a follows. From Joseph and Deborah (Burdick) Crandall you follow the Babcock line to Cora Lois Babcock, daughter of Elias Babcock and Jane Ann Thurber. Cora (b. October 31, 1860, Decatur, New York; d. January 11, 1944, Parshall Private Hospital, Oneonta, New York) married David Everett Carpenter (Lockwood) (b. November 20, 1856, East Worcester, New York; d. December 1, 1836, Binghamton City Hospital, New York). They had a daughter Edith Martha (Lockwood) Dibble (my husband's grandmother) and two sons, Julian Everett Lockwood and Dr. Vernon Lockwood.

I would be more than happy to share any information with anyone interested.

Benjamin Burdick and Mary Reynolds Research

by Robert Wolff (r-wolff@sbcglobal.net)

(I am always amazed at how genealogy researchers can piece small bits of information into a cohesive story. Bob is one of those people. Following is some of his research efforts into the puzzle of Benjamin Burdick and his spouse, Mary Reynolds. There is much, much more that he has uncovered but this summary is a good example of how he puts this puzzle together. I am also amazed at the humility of genealogy researchers like Bob. Almost to a person they indicate that they are "just learning" or "trying to figure things out." Well, keep figuring, we need you. -- HB)

The amount of searching I went through to come to decisions about Benjamin Burdick and Mary Reynolds was incredible. I've come to believe that there are so many ways to be fooled by available genealogy records that one can never be 100% positive about a family tree.

I had reached conclusions several times during this research (mostly on Ancestry.com) then had to revise the conclusions as I found more records.

Benjamin Burdick is my 5th great maternal grand father. He married Mary Reynolds about whom I have previously posted research "stories" on Ancestry.com.

There were 58 Ancestry.com family trees for Benjamin Burdick when I started this research on 1 September 2013. Benjamin's birth (about 1666) and death (23 April 1741) are consistent with the family tree. The birth and death place (Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island) is also consistent. There is no disagreement that Benjamin's parents were Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard.

This research, presented here, is an attempt to find additional information from the family trees posted on Ancestry for Benjamin. The problems are as follows:

1) Mary Reynolds' birth date, given by earlier researchers, is either 1660 or 1664, with the former date being predominate. In fact the 1664 date might be confused with a Mercy Reynolds (not a relative).
2) Neither 1660 nor 1664 is consistent with the birth dates of the nine children born to Mary and Benjamin.
3) If Mary was born in 1660 then her age at marriage in 1690 (the predominate date) was 30. Benjamin was born in 1666 so he would have been 24. Their first child was born 9 years later when Mary was 39 and the latest in 1716 when Mary was 56.

There is also a record that Mary married Thomas Nichols in 1684. That is more likely associated with MERCY Reynolds. Based on comments I posted previously, my conclusion is that Mary and Mercy were half-sisters.

Ancestry Family Trees indicates that their common father, James, married Mary's mother, Anne Holbrook, in 1647 (on one tree), or 1650 (on eight trees), or 1652 (on one tree) or 1660 (on one tree).

The problem here is Mercy's birth date record is also 1664. The marriage dates for James and Mercy's mother, Deborah Potter, are shown as 1647 (on six trees) and 1650 (on one tree).

So how to reconcile that both Mercy and Mary were both born in 1664? Unless James was a polygamist it is impossible.

It would seem that there were two James Reynolds. One married Deborah Potter and the other married Anne Holbrook. The James that married Deborah was probably born in England. More research is needed.

There is no disagreement that Benjamin married Jane Shelley after the death of Mary Reynolds. There is a problem, though, with Mary's birth date. There are 39 family trees that list her living from 1660 to 1716, three as 1664-1716, and one as 1676-1716. The only reasonable birth date is 1676 and that was only on one family tree, namely, "Lewis-McMillian".

The Lewis-McMillian tree did not include a marriage date and listed only one child, Mary. I checked that tree and found that Mary Reynolds only had one source citation, i.e., Ancestry.com family trees. I then examined the individual trees. There were only three and all listed Mary's birth date as 15 March 1660. In spite of this the Lewis-McMillian tree had the birth date as 1676(!). So I decided to see what dates were on that tree for Benjamin.

The timeline for their marriage showed only 1689 and 1690. When I checked the source citations, I found the same record (U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900) that I had on Benjamin's tree that gave spouse Mary's birth date as 1676(!). Interestingly the marriage date on that record is 1690. I decided that Mary's age of marriage at 14 was certainly believable. However, having the first child Mary nine years later was not. The marriage year of "about 1699" was more probable.

The four trees here that fit this marriage date were:

1. Ryan, Dow , Carroll, Dorsey - shows a source citation "Family Data Collection " that states 1698. The time line shows both 1690 and 1698 marriage dates. The 1698 date does not refer to the source citation (my tree is the same.)
2. PhelpsHall/ HenryMcCray - Same as Ryan et al, except there is no source citation for the 1698 date. There were 7 individual family trees as source citations. Two had dates of 1697 one had 1698. The others 1690.
3. Baker-Crain - shows a source citation "U.S., New England Marriages Prior to 1700" that states 1699 (the same record as my tree.) The timeline shows only 1699. This tree gives Benjamin's name as "Benjamin Franklin Burdick".
4. Charters - shows the same 1699 source citation as Baker-Crain. But also shows 1690 date in timeline. This tree had 11 individual family trees as source citations. One of these listed a marriage date of 1698 none listed 1699. Six trees had 1690 and one showed 1689.

Nothing new on these four trees and my rationale that "about 1699" is a realistic marriage date is not affected.

It's interesting that the source citations that reference 1698 and 1699 don't appear in the timelines. That would appear to be a shortcoming on the part of Ancestry.com. Why have a source citation if the date and/or event is not copied into the timeline of the overview?

In reviewing Benjamin Burdick's source citations attached to my tree I discovered the same record (U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900) that gave this information:

Name: Benjamin Burdick
Gender: Male
Birth Place: RI
Birth Year: 1666
Spouse Name: Mary Reynolds
Spouse Birth Place: RI
Spouse Birth Year: 1676
Marriage Year: 1690
Marriage State: RI

This birth date for Mary would revise her age when her first child was born to 23 and the last to 40. These ages seem somewhat more reasonable. However, the marriage year of 1690 would mean she was only 14 years old when married. Since there is no month given in the record for either her birth or the marriage dates we don't know whether she was closer to 13 or 15.

As a matter of record my mother was 14 and six months when my parents married and was 9 days shy of 15 when I was born. So I can readily accept Mary Reynolds being at a similar age when she married. I have trouble believing that it was 9 years after marriage before the first child was born.

In the source citation "U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970" her birth date is stated as 1664 and her marriage date to Benjamin as about 1698.

At this point in the research effort my inclination is to use "about 1699" as the marriage date and "about 1676" as her birth date. These dates are in my view consistent with her first born child's birth in 1699 and her age when the other children were born. Until other evidence pops up that refutes my work, here are my conclusions:

- The Mary Reynolds that married Benjamin Burdick was not the daughter of Anne Holbrook.
- I have not determined who her parents were.
- Mary Reynolds Burdick was born in 1676 in Rhode Island.
- Mary and Benjamin were married in 1699 in Rhode Island.

Daniel C. Burdick of Ireland

by Carolyn Madrid (carolyn_madrid@yahoo.com),

(Carolyn has a story similar to many researchers. She has located sketchy information about an ancestor, but not enough to see the whole picture. This search has a few unusual twists, namely the existence of a 150-year old account, the belief in relatively recent arrivals from Ireland and England, and the separation of young children from both parents. Orcelia Burdick did live, so her story is out their somewhere, and someone will find it. -- HB)

I stumbled upon your site via a picture on Ancestry that cited your web site. I looked at the info on your site, and I wasn't able to find anything regarding the Burdicks I'm looking for. I was wondering if you can point me to some resources/sites regarding the Burdick line coming from Ireland? Unfortunately, I don't know much, and what I do know is all passed down through the generations.

This is what I know: my husband's great-great grandmother was Orcelia Burdick. Her mother was Elizabeth and her father was Daniel C. Burdick. Some people have Elizabeth's maiden name listed as Chubb, but there is no citation; I'm not sure where that information came from.

This is the story written by a family member in March 1968:

"Daniel C. Burdick left his native Ireland as a young man about 1865, to come to America. His ship stopped at some port in England and a young British girl boarded it with America as her destination. The two young travelers met aboard ship and were married soon after Landing (sic) in New York State. Their first child, Orcelia Jennie, was born September 27, 1868, followed by a second baby girl, Cora.

When Orcelia was four or five years old Daniel was placed in a Sanatorium where he spent the rest of his life. He died in 1895. Orcelia never saw him since she was a baby. His widow, Elizabeth Burdick, died when Orcelia was about six. In later years she used to recollect having seen her sister Cora in her mother’s arms. When the mother died the sisters were separated and sent to different institutions. Orcelia lived in an orphanage for some years and then she was sent to a Presbyterian Mission School for Girls, Allison-James at Santa Fe, N.M., After a few years there she was sent to a Methodist Mission School at Tiptonville, N.M., where there were several girls, and some young men training for the ministry, and there she met and married Epifanio (Faustin’s son) soon after his ordination in 1885-86.

No doubt the young couple wrote Daniel (Orcelia’s father) the news, and from that time on they corresponded at long intervals, and he bought and sent her an organ. On Dec. 21, 1889 she received a letter with the information that he was very sick. This narrator was then two years old and knew nothing of the letter or its existence until 66 years later, under peculiar circumstances, as written further on as: 'A Letter.'

In the summer of 1895 the Sanatorium sent Orcelia notice of her father’s death, and few days later – or weeks – Epifanio received a package from the Sanatorium. It was Daniel’s violin. Epifanio could not play the violin but he kept it for a few years, and then sold it for three Dollars. This writer was then 8 years old."

End of story.

I have searched for about six months for anything on Daniel or Elizabeth. I did find a 1870 Census in Olean, NY that listed Elizabeth, Orcelia and Cora; however, Elizabeth is listed as being born in New York, not England. Other than that, I cannot find anything. Is there a site or contact that knows about Burdick's coming from Ireland? Any help would be much appreciated.

A Solid, Solid Brick Wall for Over a Decade

by Barbara Bond (cbbond42@gmail.com)

(As the title implies, Barbara has been in search of her James Bond (no, not the secret agent!) for many years. We have put several notes in the Burdick Newsletters to no avail. Here's her full story, perhaps it will jogs some memories out there. -- HB)

I have been searching for the parentage of a James E. (Edward) Bond who had married Amarilla Burdick in 1845 in Illinois. Amarilla was born in Chittenden County, Vermont, the daughter of Lorin and Esther Bixby Burdick, both of whom were also born in Vermont. Lorin and his family later settled in Plainfield, Will County, Illinois.

Based on the census, James Bond was born most likely between 1811 and 1815 in either New York or Vermont. In 1837 he appeared in the City Directory of Cleveland, Ohio: he was in a business called "Bond and Bishop, Painters and Glaziers." His partner was Jacob Bishop, son of Abram Bishop and Anna Tremain (Truman) Bond from Granville, Washington County, New York. Anna apparently was a descendant of the Watertown, MA, Bond family for which there is no Y-DNA match with my husband.

In 1839 James Bond was in Chicago, Illinois, residing in the City Refectory on Dearborn Street. In 1845 he married Amarilla Burdick and had 2 children -- James Jr. and Timothy -- before he settled ca. 1852 in Lockport, Will County, Illinois. The names of his other children were: Mary E., Charles Alden (my husband's great-grandfather), Harriet, William (died young), Ella Susan, Lewis and Catherine. Unfortunately, many records between 1839 and about 1853 appeared not to have survived the Chicago Fire!

On 29 Feb. 1888 James Bond died of pneumonia, aged 78.

Despite much searching, no documents could be found which identified his parentage or even provided a clue.

So... if anyone has any information (no matter how little) please let me know. I may be contacted at cbbond42@gmail.com. Thank you in advance. I know this sounds like a plea, and it is! Someone, somewhere must have a clue.

A Mess of Burdicks (or A Burdick Mess)

by Don Wilt (EDONWILT@aol.com)

(Some of you researchers can probably relate to Don -- I know I can! Sometimes you start digging in one direction about an ancestor, accumulating clues and snippets of information. Those clues lead to other relatives, and then to others. Before too long your head is swimming with names, dates and possible relationships. Then you take a step back and ask: "Who was I looking for?" Don has reached that point. If you can help him sort out his "Burdick mess" it would be very much appreciated. -- HB)

I have been again attempting to clarify my wife's relationship to the Burdick Family. Here is what I have found, so far, starting with my wife's mother's lineage:

Fred Miles Barr, born 7 Nov 1888 in Roulette, Potter County, PA; married 24 Nov 1909 to Lillie S. Matteson, born 30 May 1891 PA. Lillie's siblings are Gertrude, Harry Truman and Ruth.

Lillie's parents: Rilla Burdick, born about 1871 in Michigan; married 21 Jan 1888 in Potter County, PA to Francis (aka Frank) M. Matteson. (Source: Early Potter County Vital statistics)

Rilla's parents: T. Collins Burdick, born about 1842 in NY (Possibly Truman Collins Burdick); married in NY to Sardinia ?, born about 1841 in NY.

The possible parents of T. Collins Burdick (not yet proven): Lyman Burdick, born in NY; married Phebe ?, born about 1813 in NY.

Can you confirm that this Burdick line is related to any of the Burdick families known to your research?

Where I am running into problems is with the Census Records for the Burdick Family.

When I start with the Rilla Burdick, "Early Potter County Vital Statistics" gives:

BURDICK, Rilla Marriage 1-21-1888 Miss Rilla Burdick & Frank Matteson married Jan. 21, 1888.
(There are 2 listings for BURDIC and 19 Listings for BURDICK on this same page.)

In the 1900 census, I find Francis (Frank) and Rilla born June 1870 in Michigan, living in Roulette, Potter, Pennsylvania.

In the 1880 census, I find Rilla Burdick age 10, born Michigan, living with her parents T. Collins Burdick age 38 born NY and Sardinia Burdick age 36 born NY Living in Almond, Allegany, New York, United States.

In the 1870 census, I find Trumen Burdick age 28 born NY and Sardinia age 24 born NY living in Ada, Kent, Michigan, United States. Living on the next farm is: Marcus Burdick, age 32 born New York, works on Farm
Henriette Burdick, age 22 born New York, keeping House
(I do not find a Marcus, this age, in the 1860 census.)

I run into problems with the 1860 census...

On Ancestry.com the only Burdick I find is Truman age 18, born NY, living with his parents Lyman and Phebe Burdick. (A search using the surname, birth date and location only produced Truman.)

So I went to Familysearch.org and found a Collins Burdick in 1860 living in the Spicer family. I than went back to Ancesrty.com and found him working as an Apprentice Shoe Maker. This Collins was age 17 and born in NY.

Back to Familysearch.org where, in the 1850 census, I located, in Sangerfield, Oneida, New York, a Collins M. Burdick age 6 Born NY living with Cordilia Burdick age 39 born NY. Cordilia and her 4 children are living in the family of Clark Burdick age 71 born Rhode Island and his wife Abigail age 74 also born Rhode Island. Clark has 4 children living at home. Living on the next farm is the Spicer family. No Marcus Burdick.

I they searched the 1850 census for a Marcus Burdick and found one in Bolton, Warren, NY: Cordelia A. Burdick age 28 born NY and son Marcus Dewitt Burdick age 6 born NY living with the family of Perley Barton and his wife Sally.

I then went back to Familysearch.org and found the following two entries:

Name: Marcus T. Burdick
Birth Date: 1837
Birthplace: Grafton, Ny
Age: 32
Spouse's Name: Henriette Hill
Spouse's Birth Date: 1847
Spouse's Birthplace: Brunswick, Ny
Spouse's Age: 22
Event Date: 01 Dec 1869
Event Place: Ada, Kent, Michigan
Race: White
Spouse's Race: White

Name: Marcus T Burdick
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 27 Jan 1921
Event Place: Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 84
Marital Status: Married
Birth Date: 03 May 1836
Birthplace: New York
Birth Year (Estimated): 1837
Father's Name: Truman Burdick
Mother's Name: Ruby Cutter

So now I am back to a parents name of Trumen Burdick and mother Ruby Cutter!

Just who in the heck am I looking for? Who are the parents of Rilla Burdick born Jun 1870 in Michigan? Is it:

1. T. Collins Burdick
2. Truman Burdick
3. Truman Collins Burdick
4. Just plain Collins Burdick
5. Collins M. burdick

Hope someone has fun with this mess!

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Update: As reported in the last Burdick Newsletter, Tyler Burdick was likely to compete in the Sochi Winter Paralymics. Well, he did, and he did an amazing job! He came in 8th in his event, Snowboard Cross, against a large field of world class athletes - very impressive. You can read his story and see the videos of his races by visiting the Burdick Family Association web site and click on Tyler's picture. Congratulations, Tyler!

Update: I want to personally thank all of you who sent Phineas 'Phinn' McKenna get well cards. To refresh your memory, Phinn, 8 years old, is the gg-grandson of Alice Drusilla Burdick (I313781). Last fall he was an active boy playing pee wee football. Today he is in a Palo Alto, California hospital fighting for his life. Phinn was diagnosed with a very rare and extremely aggressive cancer of the brain and spine. He has been undergoing intense daily treatments of radiation in the morning and chemo therapy in the afternoon. James Burdick (et2653@yahoo.com) reports that Phinn is not cured but he is making great strides. His vision is greatly improved and he is standing and walking without much assistance. His blood tests are not perfect, but a lot better. I'll provide more updates as they become available.

Cheryl (Smigala) McDowell (cdmc63@aol.com) wanted everyone to know that a memorial has been created for Rebecca (Burdick) Winters on findagrave.com complete with photos: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Winters&GSfn=Rebecca&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=31&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=5128543&df=all&. If you click on the picture of the Nebraska historical marker the text is more readable and other pictures become viewable.

Steve Yates (stormey4u@hotmail.com) sends word that his cousin, Ruth Gladis Feltus, passed away in August 2013. She is the daughter of, Alene Vivian (Burdick) Wilde and granddaughter of Abraham (I3651) and Flora (Arther) Burdick. Gladis lived in Acton, Ma and is survived by her daughter Gladis. son Stephen, and 4 grandchildren. Her brother Arther H. Wilde Jr. preceded her in 2004. She has one remaining sister, Karolyn Zippler, from Augusta, SC.

Jacci Arbs (mustangjacci@aol.com) is the g-granddaughter of Mary Jane (Burdick) Whitmarsh (I10030015) and is celebrated a very special anniversary in December 2013: fifty years ago she had open heart surgery. Jacci was Born in 1956 with a congenital heart defect. Heart surgery was "experimental" in those days and rarely performed on children. She was 7 when they opened her up and found a band of muscle growing around her pulmonary valve; it had never been seen before. As Jacci grew her valve did not and was closing off the blood supply to her lung (stenosis). During that operation they did not sew her up properly and she hemoraged, requiring several blood transfusions. They took her back to surgery and opened her heart for the second time that day and this time she was given LIFE! Because Jacci lived that day, 7 others (so far) now have life: her 2 children and her son's 5 daughters. Jacci has been spreading gratitude ever since and appreciates every day. As she says, our lives count and we touch others in ways we don't even realize. Jacci thanks God for the miracle of her life! I could not agree more.

Scott Bill Hirst (scottbillhirst@yahoo.com) passes along word that Richard Burdick Sheffield died peacefully at home on Monday, January 13, 2014. He was born in Newport, RI, on November 25, 1923, the son of William Paine Sheffield III and Agatha Spink Sheffield. He is survived by his wife Gay Glover Sheffield, his daughters Eulah Wooley Sheffield of Collinsville, Ct., Gay Glover Sheffield of Nome, Alaska, and Marie Burdick Sheffield of Bath, Maine. His grandchildren, Samuel Lambert, Suzanna Lambert, Caroline Lambert, and Hope Lambert, and his brother Edwin S. Sheffield of Philadelphia, Pa., also survive him. His sister, Agatha S. Littlefield, and his brother, William P. Sheffield, predeceased him. He graduated from Phillips Academy Andover, Yale University and Harvard Law School. He served in World War II aboard the USS Callaghan until she was sunk by a kamikaze off Okinawa. He later served on the USS Glennon. During his years of dedicated community service, he was a Rhode Island State Senator, founding member of the Naval War College Foundation, board member of the Redwood Library, chairman of the board of Newport Hospital, president of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce, president of the Newport Public Library, director of the Newport Harbor Corp., director of the R.I chapter of Boy Scouts of America, chairman of the board of the Newport Electric Corp. and president of the R.I. Chapter of The Society of the Cincinnati. He was a fourth generation partner in the family law firm of Sheffield & Harvey.

Be sure to bookmark this one. Bill Burditt (billburditt@gmail.com) has created a new web site for the Burdet DNA Project: https://sites.google.com/site/burdittgenealogy/. You may remember it was way back in 2007 when Bill first invited the Burdick family to join his family's DNA study. While results have not been conclusive, they have leaned toward the probability that the Burdicks are not an offshoot of the Burdets. Give Bill's site a look, and consider joining the DNA study if you have an interest.

Carol Reppard (reppardc@gmail.com) passes along word that her cousin, Jim, passed away on February 1. James F. Burdick, born on March 19, 1944 in DeRuyter, New York, was the son Donald Burdick and Rozella (Stull) Burdick; Carol is the daughter of Donald's brother. They were the sons of Allan F Burdick and grandsons of Frank Burdick (I1690). He attended schools in DeRuyter, New York and graduated from the State University of New York at Stoneybrook in 1966, earning a Bachelors Degree in Engineering. He married Elaine Jackson in Long Island, New York on August 20, 1966 and she preceded him in death on June 29, 1992. He then married Linda Bower in Green River on May 23, 1993 and she also preceded him in death on November 25, 2012. Mr. Burdick worked at Church and Dwight for thirty-four years until his retirement in 2003. He was a member of the Sweetwater County Hospital Board and the Western Wyoming Community College Board. Jim will be greatly missed.

Carol also passes along word of the death of Lansing "Scotty" Burdick, 92, who died peacefully at his farmhouse on Friday, February 28, 2014 with his family at his side. Born May 6, 1921, he was the son of the late Elwin A. and Anna Snell Burdick. He was a graduate of Berlin (NY) Central High School, class of 1939 and later graduated from Troy Technical Institute (now HVCC) with a degree in accounting. He was the husband of the late Beulah Burdick, who died in 2003. He is survived by his children, Janice M., Garry S. and Carol A., grandchildren Kevin, Michael, Shellie and Nick. He is also survived by nine great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter. He was predeceased by his siblings Elwin Jr., Thurman, Clarence and Mary. Very little is known of this line, so if you are related please contact me.

Krista Mann (mannkk@att.net) is a descendant of Daniel Comfort Burdick (I1189) through his daughter, Mary Cordelia (Burdick) Hough. She is trying to validate whether Daniel was truly born in 1804 in Rutland, VT as reported by Nellie Johnson. Nellie's Supplement indicates that her source of this information was Grafton Town Records. Krista is also trying to determine if this Burdick line has a Mayflower connection via Daniel's maternal line through George Soule. Any assistance is appreciated.

Howard Rodgers (HIRODGERS@aol.com) sends word that Francis L. Burdick, husband of Kathryn Sheehy Burdick, passed away Tuesday, March 4, 2014. A funeral Mass was held March 11 at Our Lady of Lourdes, Schroon Lake, NY. Burial at Saratoga National Cemetery.

Chris Cummings (cinsyr@aol.com) has hit a brick wall and is hoping you can help. He has traced his Brown line to Jonathan Brown (b. 20 Dec 1757) in the Westerly/Stonington area. The problem is Jonathan's parents. Chris believes his parents are Jonathan Brown (b. 1732 son of John) and Elizabeth Burdick (b. 1735, RI; m. 1 Mar 1757, Westerly, RI). They had two children: Jonathan (b.1757) and Minor (b. 1759). Jonathan Sr. died in 1760 and Elizabeth married John R. Moon in 1768. They appear in the 1790 census in Stephenstown, NY (near Albany) where son Jonathan is living with his wife Esther Moon (John R. Moon's niece). But another Jonathan and Elizabeth (I59) (Burdick) Brown appear in Westerly with two children, Olive (b. 17 Dec 1757) and Jonathan (b. 1759), at about the same time. This Elizabeth reportedly died before her husband. It seems like these two families have somehow been incorrectly interrelated. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Melissa Nelle (melissanelle@gmail.com) came across a new web site she thought may be of interest to Burdick researchers. The Hopkinton, RI Historical Association (http://www.hopkintonhistoricalassociation.org) is full of valuable information regarding history and genealogy of Hopkinton, which obviously involves the Burdicks. Melissa finds the Genealogy page especially interesting as it lists births, deaths, occupations, locations, cause of death and parents names.

Lorraine Tarket–Arruda (LaurJoe@verizon.net) is the Vice President of the Hopkinton Historical Association (see above), and is a Wells family member. She has spent the last 16 years compiling data on the Wells family, concentrating on Hopkinton town records. She intends to publish a book within the next five years, which will include the Thomas Wells and Peter Wells lines. Lorraine would to hear from anyone who may have family information to share.

Dwayne Crandall (dwaynecrandall@hotmail.com) has a photograph of the Crandall family reunion that was taken on August 29, 1912 in Cuba, NY. It contains about 80 people, and Dwayne is trying to puts names to all those faces. Two that are identified are brothers Addison Orville (I1603) and Joel Albert (I1601) Burdick, whose mother was Cynthia Crandall, wife of Albert Burdick (I672). If you believe you can help identify people in the photo please contact Dwayne.

Martha Hennagin (mhennagin@yahoo.com) has Covey and Hennagin lines who married into the Burdick family. Hannah Maria Hennagin (or Hanigan, there are 27 different spellings, take your pick!) married Gardner Burdick (I947). One of their children was Eugenia Ray Burdick (I2022), born about 1869 in Sheboygan, WI. She married T.C. Casper on May 3, 1892 in Milwaukee, WI. But in 1900 Gardner and Hannah Maria have a grandson, Gardner Casper, b. March 1888 (4 years before her marriage to T.C.) living in their home. (Their granddaughter, Orabel Blake, b. December 1888 is also in their home.) In 1910 Martha finds Eugenia with the surname Champlain. Martha thinks that Gardner took the name Casper when she married T.C. and was probably a child born out of wedlock. Can anyone provide any additional information?

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