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Summer, 2017

Will of William Burdick

submitted by Marge Burdick (m.r.b@comcast.net)

(Historical artifacts like this always amaze me. William Burdick (I25), one of Robert Burdick's (I1) grandsons, died in 1787. What I think is so interesting is every possession had value and was passed onto someone. Could you imagine, in today's environment, someone's estates consisting of "old lumber" or a "piece of Looking Glass"? -- HB)

I William Burdick of Hopkinton in Kings County & State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation Yeoman being sensible of my mortality but of a sound disposing mind and memory Blessed be God for the same and as it has pleased God to bless me with some temporal things therefor for the disposing of same etc. I do this twenty ninth day of October Anno Domini 1782 order make public pronounce this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth same. First of all I resign my soul to God that gave it and my body to de decently buried by my Executor and as touching such temporal things as God hath blessed me with, my will is that after my decease that my funeral charges and my just debts be paid by my Executor out of my personal Estate.

I give unto my son Daniel Burdick all that part of my land that lieth to the side of the road together with all singular the appurtenances thereon or there unto belonging to remain to him his heirs and assigns for ever in simple fee.

Also I give to my son Luke Burdick twenty five acres of land butted and bound as followeth (viz) beginning at the southwest corner of land herein after give to my son Weight Burdick then bounding Easterly & Southerly and land give to Weight unto Nicolas Vinsons land thence running Northerly by Vinvons land so far as that lines Westerly and Southerly parallel with the North & West lines of said lands given to Weight will contain 25 acres in being in the manner of an Ell or Equal Width together with all the Singular and Apprutenances to the same belonging to remain to him his heirs & assigns forever in fee simple.

Also I give to my son Luke my poorest gun.

Also I give to my son Weight Burdick Twenty nine Acres on quarter and Thirty four Square Rods of Land and is Butted & Bounded as followeth (viz) Beginning at a Blackoak Tree standing in the purchase line thence running North fourteen degree West Ten Chains & Sixty Six Links unto a Small rock thence Thirteen Degree North Twenty two chains and Sixty four Links to Nicholas Vincents land then South by Vincents land fourteen chains and Nine links unto the purchase line thence West by Purchase line to the first mentioned bounds together with all and Singular the Buildings and Appurtenances to the same belonging to remain to him his Heirs & Assigns for ever in Fee Simple.

Also I give to my Son Perry Burdick all the Remainder of my Lands together with all the Buildings and Appurtenances to the same belonging to remaining to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever Also I give to my son Perry my best gun the before given Lands all lying in Hopkinton.

Also I give to my Daughter Sara Reed Twenty Shillings I the reason I give her no more is because I have given her portion already.

Also I give to my Daughter Mary Burdick one Cow and my low case of Drawers and one good feather bed beg stead & furniture and six chairs one table one iron pot & one iron kettle, three Pewter Platters, six Pewter Plates, one three pint Bason, one quart Bason, fore Pewter Porrengers, one Cedar Wash tub, one Cedar Pail, one Woolen Wheel and one Linen Wheel.

Also I give to my loving wife in lieu of her thirds one cow and the Remainder of my Households Stuff & Furniture, and the use and Improvement of one third part of all my Lands & the Best Room in my Dwelling House that I live in During her natural life.

Also I give to my four before Named Sons (viz) Daniel Luke Weight and Perry in Equal Division all the remainder of my Live Stock that I Shall be possessed of at my Decease and all my wearing Apparel.

Also I give unto my Son Perry Burdick all the remainder of my Personal Estate & for the performance of this my Will in trust I Do hereby make Ordain and appoint my Son Perry Burdick Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament in Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and Date before Written.

William Burdick X (his mark)

Signed Sealed & Published Announced
and Delivered in the presence of us
Who are Witnesses hereunto (seal)

Benjamin Crandal
Stephen Burdick X (his mark)
Francis West

Personally appeared in the Town Council of Hopkinton the 6th day of August AD 1787 Mr Stephen Burdick & Francis West Esq. Witnesses to the within will and made oath that they saw Mr William Burdick the Testator Sign Seal Publish and Pronounce & Declare the within Instrument to be his last will & testament and that they Signed in the presence of the Testator & each other and that Benjamin Crandal Esq. Signed with them at the Same time and that the Testator was in his perfect mind and Memory.


Voted in Council that this will be accepted approved and recorded

Witness: Caleb Potter, Council Clerk

The forgoing is a true copy of the original will and probate and entered on record the 7th day of August ad 1787

Caleb Potter, Council Clerk


A true inventory of the personal estate of William Burdick late of Hopkinton in the county of Washington & State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantation. Deceased as shown to us the subscribers (this Second Day of August AD 1787) by Perry Burdick Executor to the will of said deceased ______.

Francis West
Matthew Maxson

To Wearing Appparels 4 15 6
To 5 Feather Beds, Bed Spreads & furniture 20 13 0
To 1 Desk 0 12 0
To 1 Low case of Drawers 1 13 0
To 1 Chest of Drawers 0 9 0
To 1 Warming Pan 0 6 0
To 1 Hatchet 0 8 0
To Iron Hollow ware 0 18 0
To Pair of Flats 0 6 0
To A frying Pan 0 6 0
To 2 Trammels ______ and Tongs 0 12 6
To 1 Brass Kettle & Box Iron & heeter 0 8 0
To a pair of Wrought Fire Dogs & Iron Goose 0 8 6
Steelyards Candlestick and Tobacco Knife 0 6 0
To 3 Tables 0 16 0
To 1 Chest & a Quantiry of Wooden Ware 1 2 0
To 1 Meal Chest 0 3 6
To 1 Loom and Tackling 0 18 6
To 4 old Wheels 0 18 0
To Baskets 0 3 0
To 1 Wash Tub 0 5 0
To Chairs 0 18 0
To Table Linen & Knives & Forks 0 10 6
To Clock Reel & Sundrys Small Articles 0 6 6
To Pewter 0 19 8
To Sundry Small Articles 0 4 0
To Bottles and Earthen ware Drinking & Shears Knitting needles 0 5 6
To 1 Bible and Books 0 10 0
To old Lumber 0 10 0
To Earthen Pot & Basket & piece of Looking Glass 0 2 6
To one pair of Oxen 13 4 0
To 2 cows 8 2 0
To 10 Sheep 8 0 0
To one Hog 1 5 0
To one Note for Cash 3 15 0
To an old Cart tine. Hoops & Boxes and other Small Irons 1 16 6
To Harrow teeth Clevis & Pin and Chains and Iron Bar 0 19 6
To the Eye of an old ax & Pitch fork & Beetle Rings & wedges 0 9 0
To Sheep Shears & Yoke Irons and Small Articles 0 5 6
To Shoe Leather 0 11 0
To 2lbs 1/2 Tobacco and 1 Bushel of Corn 0 3 11
To 5 Yards of Tow Cloth Due from Stephen Kinyon 0 6 0
To full Cloth and Yarn and Indigo 0 16 0
To 1 Gun 0 18 0
------ ------ ------
76 5 11

Personally appears before the Town Council of Hopkinton on the 6th Day of August AD 1787 Francis West Esq. and Capt. Matthew Maxson the within mentioned Apprisers and made oath that they had put a true Estimate on all and singular the Goods Chattels & Credits of Mr. William Burdick late of Hopkinton Deceased that was shewn to them by the Executor Perry Burdick. Sworn before Matthew Maxson President.

Likewise appeared in Council the before mentioned Perry Burdick Executor and made oath that he presented all the present Estate of the aforesaid deceased Estate that had come to his view to the above mentioned apprisers, & if any thing else should come to his knowledge he would cause the same to be added to the inventory.

Sworn before Matthew Maxson President

Voted by said Council that the inventory be accepted approved and recorded.
Witness: Caleb Potter, Council Clerk

The above & foregoing is a true copy of the original inventory and probate and entered on the recorded the 7th Day of August AD 1787
Witness: Caleb Potter, Council Clerk

I began to set down the number of the pages in Successive Order to some few of the last preceding pages: But upon Due Examination I find the page which is marked (127) to be in reality the 247th page _______
Caleb Potter

Burdick/Hoy Connection

by John Sherman (kahnny@msn.com)

(John contacted me at the start of the year regarding a connection between the Burdick and Hoy families. To my surprise, no marriages between these families appears in the genealogy. I thought this was odd since, as we know, the Burdicks have connections with nearly all the old Colonial and early American families. I asked John to provide a summary of his research in the hope that others may be able to help us establish a connection as well as possibly help John with his research into other families. So if you can help provide him with any information, leads, clues or thoughts on how to proceed please contact him. -- HB)

I have been doing extensive research on the ancestry of Clark Gardner (Gardiner/Gardener) who was born between 1797-1802 in Vermont and who died (after 1860 in Michigan). Clark moved with his as-of-yet unidentified parents to Ontario sometime between 1802-1810. He lived in and around Norfolk and Elgin counties in Ontario. His first wife is Anne House (daughter of Abraham House who was born in NY in 1767 and who moved to Yarmouth, Ontario). His second wife is Lavinia Healey (daughter of Ebenezer Healey and Sarah Landers also of Yarmouth).

I have been working on tracing people who were connected to him to try to establish his parentage. A connection keeps coming up to the Burdick/Hoy family. I hope you can help with this family.

I have only identified two of Clark Gardiner's daughters, although he had others. These two daughters are Almira (full name Mary Almira) and Olive.

Olive Gardiner (listed in the 1851 census as Garden) was living with Edward F Brown and his wife Rebecca Jane Hopkins in Dereham Township in 1851. Edward F Brown is the son of Brinton Paine Brown and Elizabeth Hoy. I noted that Brinton and Elizabeth had a daughter named Almira and that Elizabeth's parents (Joshua Hoy and Phoebe Burdick) also had a daughter name Almira. Seemed to run in the family. I have been unable to find where my Almira Gardiner was in 1851. I assume somewhere nearby in Elgin, but haven't located her yet.

Here is information on the Hoy and Burdick families:

  • Joshua Hoy (1765-1804) and Phoebe Burdick (1770-1830)
  • Their children were born in Vermont, circa 1794-1798
  • They move to Ontario in 1799 (west Oxford/Oxford County)
  • They have a daughter, Almira Hoy
  • Almira married Samuel Harper in 1825, Norfolk County
  • They have a daughter, Elizabeth Hoy (1799-1882), who married Brinton Paine Brown
  • Brinton Paine Brown has a son, Edward F Brown
  • Olive Gardner lived with Edward F Brown in 1851

Additionally, I began doing research on Clark Gardiner's militia time (the people that were with him and immediately above and below him in the rolls). Clark was in the 1st Regiment Norfolk Militia in 1828. He is listed next to Thomas Cunningham and Thomas Matthews. Also listed near him is Charles Huff and Samuel Axford.

Charles Huff (1810/1812-after 1851) – married to Rachel Smith, who is the daughter of Abraham Smith (1791-1855) and Annie Hoy (1794-1854). Smith is the son of Othoniel “Otho” Smith (1743-1813) of NJ and Elizabeth Wright (1752-1817) also of NJ. Annie Hoy is the daughter of Joshua Hoy (1765-1804) and Phoebe Choate Burdick (1769-1830). Charles Huff was in Norfolk County, then in Southwold, Elgin County by 1851.

Of interest, the ancestry of Thomas Cunningham and Samuel Axford both eventually lead to Sussex, NJ. Thomas Cunningham was born in approx. 1792 in Rutland, Vermont. He is likely the son or a nephew of Elijah Cunningham (1759-1837) and Mary Ward (1750-1829). Elijah had another son named Charles Peter Cunningham born in 1793 in Rutland, Vermont. This Charles Peter Cunningham had a daughter named Olive. Elijah’s father, John Cunningham (1737-1800) also had a daughter named Olive (1772-1801). John Cunningham died in Hunterton, Chittenden, Vermont. Thomas Cunningham was living in Metcalfe, Middlesex County in 1851

Samuel Axford born likely in New Jersey. He died in 11 Sept 1851 at Windom, Norfolk, Ontario. He was married to Lavina Boughner, who was born in 1805 in Canada on 18 May 1825 in Norfolk, Canada. She died 21 March 1865. Samuel had a brother, John Abraham Axford (born 1806 in Sussex, NJ-1872) that married Lavina’s sister Elizabeth Boughner (1811-1872). Lavina’s parents were Peter Boughner (1770-1848) and Sarah Robbins (1773-).

I am curious if you might have any history concerning the Brown, Hoy or Burdick families (mentioned above) that might also show some type of connection to Gardiners. It is possible that my Gardiner family actually is from New Jersey or New York, rather than Vermont and that they may have only been in Vermont briefly after the American Revolution.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if you would like me to send further information. Thanks.

Two Burdick Brothers, Two Patents

submitted by Jonathan Burdick (burdick.ip.research@gmail.com)

(Just in case you think the Burdick family is no longer making a mark in the world, I give you Jonathan and Sean Burdick. These two brothers have accomplished a feat very few have achieved - they have both obtained U.S. Patents. Jonathan contacted me a few months ago about their work, so it is only natural that I pass it along to all of you. -- HB)

Jonathan is the named Inventor for U.S. Patent 9.558,636, "Automatic Teller System Inventory and Distribution System". The patent was issued Jan. 17, 2017, with a Publication Date of January 31, 2017.

Sean is named as one of the Co-Inventors of U.S. Patent 9,564,952, "Near Field Authentication Through Communication of Enclosed Content Sound Waves". This patent was publication Date February 7, 2017.

Interestingly, these two inventions were developed independently but if they were implemented in consumer devices, they could work in tandem! One of the things Jonathan's patent does is allow you to reserve cash at an alternate ATM if the one you're at is empty (I could have used that feature once or twice! - HB) Here's the abstract of Jonathan's patent:

"A bank server allows a user of one ATM to reserve cash at another, nearby ATM when the first ATM has an inadequate cash inventory to serve the user's requested transaction. The user attempts to withdraw cash from the first ATM, but the first ATM has insufficient cash to perform the withdrawal transaction. Through the first ATM, the bank server offers the user a cash reservation at the other ATM. The bank server causes the other ATM to reserve a requested amount of cash for the user, possibly refusing to dispense cash to other users if doing so would leave the other ATM with insufficient cash to dispense the reserved cash. The user travels a short distance to the other ATM and withdraws the reserved cash. In effect, the other ATM can now perform the withdrawal transaction requested of the first ATM when the first ATM couldn't."

Sean's invention can be used to authenticate mobile devices at places like point-of-sale (POS) terminals and ATM machines. (While I am still living in the stone age with my flip-phone, Lois does everything with her iPhone and would likely use this convenience. - HB) Here is Sean's patent abstract:

"A method for near field authentication of sources using an audio transceiver computing device includes scanning a plurality of predetermined frequencies for a free frequency, selecting the free frequency from the plurality of predetermined frequencies, generating a periodic enclosed content message, generating a modulated carrier wave representing the periodic enclosed content message, and transmitting the modulated carrier wave at the free frequency. A method for near field authentication of sources using a microphone input of a receiving computing device includes scanning a plurality of predetermined frequencies to detect a signal using the microphone input, verifying, responsive to detecting the signal, that the signal includes at least one enclosed content message, and extracting a content from the enclosed content message."

You can read Jonathan's complete patent here: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9558636B1/en

And here is Sean's complete patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20130203350A1/en

You can be sure that Gary Richard Burdick is very proud of his two sons.

Burdick News... Up-To-The-Minute!

Jane Maxson (jhm2727@cox.net) was recently verified for DAR membership. Her helper at DAR went to great trouble trying to verify that Jane's ggg-grandfather was who he appeared to be. They could not find a connection to his father, the Patriot, but ended up finding him through land records. Jane wanted to pass along this hint of searching land records as another avenue for those stuck with a missing connection.

Tracie Wade (tfranceswade@yahoo.com) is the gg-granddaughter of Fernando "Frank" Cortez Burdick (I1171) of Alabama Civil War fame. But Tracie is trying to find out about an earlier part of Frank's life. When he was 12 years old he traveled to New York after his father died. He must have known someone to travel to the city. Tracie is trying to find more information about this trip or this part of his life. Do you know more?

Tracie is also trying to find a picture of Frank's father, Russell M. Burdick (I428). If you happen to have, please let us know.

Barbara DeLong (barbara6777@att.net) is a great example of how persistence pays off. Seven years ago she contacted me thinking that her g-grandfather, the first child of Jeremiah (I901) & Caroline (Beebe) Burdick was William H. Burdick even though the genealogy listed him as Harrison H. Well, now she has the proof. After searching New York and federal census records from 1850 through 1870, Barbara found her answer. The eldest child of Jeremiah and Caroline was, indeed, named William H. As a bonus, the records for Jeremiah's parents, Jeremiah (I314) & Susan (Tifft) Burdick, were listed a few lines below. Great work, Barbara, it shows that brick walls can be broken through.

Unfortunately, Homer Burdick (hburdick14626@yahoo.com) is still facing his brick wall. He has been searching for information about his gg-grandfather, Nathaniel Burdick (I10111001). To recap the story reported in the Fall 2015 Newsletter, Nathan immigrated from England to the United States around 1820-1825. His first wife died during childbirth on the ship and he took an Indian maiden as his second wife. Homer has found Nathan's three children in census reports: Nathan Jr., b. 1827, Joshua, b. 1831 and Susan, b. 1840. Homer descends from Nathan Jr. and is hoping to find information about Joshua and Susan, thereby perhaps leading to information about Nathan Sr. So if you can help in this search please do.

Do you know your blood type? Patricia Kuypers (pkbentley@me.com) knows that her grandfather, Russell Winston Burdick (I122509), had three daughters and all of them had a blood type of A- (the "-" sign stands for Rh-Negative). This is unusual, but genetically possible. Since there are clusters of Rh-Negative people around the world, Patricia thought it would be interesting to see if this occurs in other parts of the Burdick family.

Patricia Holyoak (holyoak@preciscom.net) is trying to find a photo of her grandmother, Sarah Ethel (Burdick) Jensen (I10980002). There is almost no information on this line in the Burdick genealogy, so if you can help fill in the blanks (and a photo of Sarah Ethel) please contact Patricia.

Janice Holt (janicekholt@gmail.com) is sad to report that her sister, Judy Holt Dunbar, 69, of Canastota, NY passed away on Friday, May 26, 2017, at Crouse Hospital where she had been a patient for the past three days. She was born on December 23, 1947, in New Berlin, the daughter of Harold and Bernice Excell Holt. On October 24, 1964, Judy was united in marriage to Warren J. Dunbar in Verona Methodist Church. Judy was employed as a clerk for Oneida Limited Silversmiths for twenty-one years, retiring in 1987. She has been a resident of Canastota since 1977 after moving from Sherrill.

Joan McConnon (mcconnon2@sbcglobal.net) is sad to report the passing of her cousin, Keitha Belle (Burdick) McDaniel (I10380027) of Manton, Michigan. She died April 3, 2017. She was born February 2, 1921 to Harry and Vernice (Cox) Burdick and Grand daughter os Fink and Cora (Hall) Burdick. Keitha was 96. She will be greatly missed.

Carol Reppard (reppardc@gmail.com) sends word that Sterling M. Burdick, 92, of Onondaga Hill, passed away on April 4. A graduate of Morrisville High School, Sterling earned his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University. He was an Army veteran of WWII, serving with the 95th Infantry Division. Wounded in France in 1944, Sterling was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He was then transferred to the Pacific for the remainder of the war. Sterling was in charge of the Onondaga County Health Department Bureau of Air Resources and Solid Waste for 24 years and previously worked as an engineer at Allied Chemical Solvay Process Division for 17 years. He enjoyed traveling the world with his wife, Pat and camping with his kids and grandkids, but above all, loved spending time with his family and cats. Sterling was predeceased by his wife, Patricia, in 2015; sister, Marion Lillie; and brother, Gordon.

Carol also tells us that Susan C. Burdick, 64, of DeRuyter, NY passed away Monday, March 27, at her home surrounded by her family. She was born in Syracuse and had retired as a teacher's assistant at DeRuyter Central School. After retirement, she worked at Cazenovia Children's House and volunteered at both the pre-K program at DCS and at the DeRuyter Library. She was a communicant of St. Lawrence Church in DeRuyter and was a member of the choir. Surviving: her husband, Gary of DeRuyter; daughters, Jessica (Dan) Degear of DeRuyter and Corinne (Jeff) LaPierre of Prospect, CT; sons, Lucas (Sue) of Earlville and Matthew (Jennifer) of Hortonville; sisters, Teri Odell of Eaton and Kathy Walrod of Georgetown; brother, Armand LaVigne III of South Otselic; grandchildren, Nathaniel and Jaidan, Ryan and Avery, Dylan and Juliette.

Don't forget to search the obituary web site that Carol Reppard (reppardc@gmail.com) has told us about: http://www.legacy.com/ns/obitfinder/obituary-search.aspx.

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