Burdick Military


Many serve in the military but do not see action in any particular conflict. Their service is no less important than those who did fight, and in many instances their presence may have averted wars.

Many served during the Cold War, which was a state of political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others) and powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its allies in the Warsaw Pact). Historians have not fully agreed on the dates, but 1947–1991 is commonly seen as the dates associated with the Cold War. It was termed as "cold" because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, although there were major regional wars, known as proxy wars, in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan that the two sides supported.

The following 84 Burdick family members have served our country and are heros to us all.

Oliver Burdick (I69) (8 JUN 1737 - 22 AUG 1762)
  • Cr. : Arnold's V. R. of R. I. ; Westerly Prob. Recs. ; N. E. Hist. and Geo. Reg.
  • Oliver Burdick of Westerly, R. I.
  • Oliver Burdick enlisted in 1761 in Capt. Russell's Co. of Col. John Whiting's Reg. of R. I. Troops which, under Gen. Monckton's American Provincials, co-operated with the British Regulars in Lord Albemarle's expedition to Cuba. Oliver Burdick died of wounds received Apr. 13, 1762, in the attack which resulted in the capture of Havana. His will executed Apr. 12, 1762, the day before he was wounded, was probated in Westerly, Dec. 27, 1762. He mentions wife Susanna, son Stanton, daughter Mary, and brother Peter, whom he appoints executor and to whose care he commends his family. He leaves to his wife all the estate she received from her father, Capt. Edward Wilcox, so long as she remains a widow.
  • (cont) The inventory was presented Dec. 13, 1762. The two children were taken by their grandfather, Peter Burdick, Sr., then living in Stonington, Conn., who as their guardian gave a receipt May 30, 1771, to his son Peter for the portion of the estate inherited by them. The receipt was witnessed by Content and Elisha Burdick. The next day Jesse and Susannah Clarke gave a receipt to Peter Burdick, Jr., executor of the estate of Oliver Burdick. Evidently Susannah Burdick had married Jesse Clarke.
  • He served in the French & Indian War.

James Reed Burdick (I257) (10 APR 1776 - 4 JUL 1851)
  • Cr. : Rev. Clayton A. Burdick, Westerly, R. I. ; Mrs. Lurana Burdick Cros1ey, Milton, Wis. ; Sabbath Recorder, d. of wife ; Coon Ms. ; Hopkinton Prob. Recs., Will of Father, Jan. 31, 1825.
  • Title: Captain
  • Capt. James Reed Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., Plainfield, Otsego Co., and Truxton ( now Cuyler Hill ), Cortland Co., N. Y.
  • 1799-1801. Ensign, 3rd Hopkinton Co., R. I. Militia.
  • 1802. 1st lieutenant, 3rd Hopkinton Co., R. I. Militia.
  • 1803. Capt., 3rd Hopkinton Co., R. I. Militia.
  • They removed from Hopkinton, R. I., about 1805, to Plainfield, and thence to Truxton on a sled following a blazed trail through the woods.
  • He was a farmer.
  • At Truxton he cleared land for a farm, located a spring near which he built a home.
  • He planted an orchard, naming the trees for various members of the family. Many years later as an old tree was cut down children found on it the name of one of the children of James Reed and Martha ( Coon ) Burdick.
  • As he cleared the land he burned the trees and sold the ashes to a potash manufacturer. Family tradition says that for a time all the money the family had was secured in this way.
  • He was called 'Captain Jimmie' by everyone.

Joseph Burdick (I361) (1780 - 185?)
  • Capt. Joseph Burdick, Esq., of Westerly, R. I., Petersburg ( afterwards Crafton ), N. Y., and Jamesville, Wis.
  • Title: Captain
  • He was a farmer, a Methodist, and a Democrat.
  • He was appointed ensign in 86th N. Y. Reg't, Mar. 22, 1806 ; lieutenant, May 24, 1809 ; captain, June 10, 1811 ; justice of the peace, Mar. 16, 1811, Mar. 15, 1815, Mar. 16, 1816
  • Removed to Wisconsin about 1850 and died there suddenly while hoeing in a cornfield, age abt. 90 or 92.
  • Cr. for birth: Census of Wis., 1850.

James Tracy Burdick (I547) (28 OCT 1812 - 11 OCT 1843)
  • Cr. : Prof. F. L. Greene, Alfred, N. Y. ; Greene Gen. ; R. Emmet Burdick, Cleveland, O. ; Silas C. Greene, Alfred, N. Y. ; Protestant Sentinel, m.
  • James Tracy Burdick of Alfred, N. Y.
  • Children: of 6, only 2 lived to maturity
  • He was a hotel keeper and colonel of militia.

Perrin Burdick (I559) (12 SEP 1810 - 24 JUL 1894)
  • Cr. : John C. Burdick, Crown Point, N. Y. ; Mrs. Mary Burdick, Cassville, N. Y. ; Mrs. E. E. Russell, Mason City, Ia.
  • Col. Perrin Burdick of Brookfield, N. Y., and Clear Lake, Iowa
  • Title: Colonel
  • In early life he was deputy sheriff of Brookfield, N. Y., for nine years.
  • He was identified with the N. Y. Militia, 143rd Reg't, Inf., for many years, and passed through all the grades from lieutenant to colonel.
  • In the summer of 1849, he removed to Rock Co., Wis., where he lived ten years, but finally settled at Clear Lake, Ia.

Robert Burdick (I858) (28 OCT 1806 - 3 FEB 1888)
  • 858 Lieut. Robert Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I.
  • Title: Lieut.
  • Married by Eld. Matthew Stillman
  • A Robert B. Burdick was appointed ensign of the 2nd Hopkinton Co., 3rd Reg't, June, 1833, and reappointed 1834 and 1835, and Lieut. 1836.
  • He was a farmer and resided on Chase Hill.
  • Cr. S.D.B. Rec. death of wife, Eliza, and marriage to Matilda.

Stanton Burdick (I863) (2 DEC 1799 - 22 DEC 1893)
  • Stanton Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., and Brookfield, N. Y.
  • Died Brookfield, Dec. 22, 1893 (tombstone)
  • Stanton Burdick came with his parents to Brookfield. N. Y., in 1802 from R. I.
  • He was a captain in the militia and a farmer.
  • Cr. Dau. Hannah.
  • Cr. S.D.B. Rec. for death of wife, Eliza.
  • Cr. Silas Burdick, No. 1919.
  • Census of Brookfield, 1860: Stanton Burdick, ae 60, b. R.I. Eliza, ae 56, b. Conn.; Burdett, ae 21, b. N.Y.; Melissa, ae 15, b. N.Y.; Norman, ae 12, b. N.Y.
  • Census of Brookfield, 1880: Stanton Burdick, ae. 80; Roxie, ae. 43.

Clarke Burdick (I870) (17 JUL 1797 - 25 APR 1869)
  • Clark Burdick of Newport, R. I.
  • Married by Eld. Matthew Stillman
  • Clarke Burdick was appointed ensign of the 1st Co. ( Newport ), 1st Reg't, R. I. Militia, in June, 1826.
  • Cr. Dr. William Burdick. No.3232.; Edwin No. 1940.
  • (Cr. Island Cem for birth and death of Clarke (6) Burdick.

Daniel Burdick (I877) (1808 - 20 DEC 1857)
  • Capt. Daniel Burdick of Westerly and Wakefield, R. I.
  • Title: Captain
  • Daniel was captain in 1st South Kingston, R. I., State Militia, June, 1833-34.
  • Cr. Westerly - Will of his brother, William C. Burdick.
  • Cr.V.S. of R.I. baptism of Daniel & Abigail, at 1st. Baptist Church, S. Kingston, R.I.
  • Cr. S.D.B. Rec. for birth and death.

Isaac Clute Burdick (I1012) (3 DEC 1812 - 20 NOV 1900)
  • Isaac Clute Burdick of Litchfield, Brookfield, Lysander and Baldwinsville, N. Y.
  • Married by Rev. Benjamin Rider to Pamelia A. Sprague.
  • Married by Rev. Browning Nichols to Sarah Ann Davis.
  • When Isaac Burdick was a year old, his parents removed from Litchfield to Brookfield, N. Y.
  • In August, 1829, he went to Onondaga County, living in Lysander four years, and then settled at Baldwinsville.
  • He learned the carpenter trade, became a large contractor and erected many buildings in the surrounding country.
  • In 1830 he joined an artillery company, later reorganized the 16th Reg't, N. Y. Militia, and attained the rank of captain, when he resigned.
  • He was a member of the M. E. Church.
  • Cr. Son Isaac E. and sister Almira No. 1014; and nephew Silas G. No. 2132.

Zebulon Palmer Burdick (I1052) (10 JUN 1806 - 1 APR 1892)
  • Col. Zebulon Palmer Burdick of Grafton, N. Y., and Janesville, Wis.
  • Title: Colonel
  • Buried Janesville, Wis.
  • Col. Zebulon Palmer Burdick was a lawyer and farmer, and prominent in political, religious and military affairs both in New York and Wisconsin.
  • While a resident of Grafton he held office at various times as inspector of schools, justice of peace ( 1833-4 ), town supervisor ( 1837 ) and county superintendent of common schools ( 1840-44 ), and was also state senator.
  • He was an incorporator of the Baptist Church in 1841 at Grafton and afterwards trustee.
  • He removed to Wisconsin and was superintendent of Rock County for many years and was a member of the State Senate of Wisconsin.
  • Cr. Census of Wis. 1850.

Justus Burdick (I1077) (10 SEP 1793 - 6 JUL 1849)
  • Cr. : History of Waitsfield, Vt., Jones ; George Rice Burdick, San Francisco, Calif. ; Farmer's Hist. of Detroit, Mich., 1835 ; Hist. of Woodstock, Vt., Henry S. Dana.
  • Justus Burdick cleared off a mortgage of about $300 on his father's farm when a boy of 16 or 17.
  • He was a merchant at Woodstock and Burlington, Vt., until 1832-3, when he removed to Detroit, Mich., and became a real estate investor.
  • He was the principal of three purchasers of the land now included within the limits of Kalamazoo and laid out the town, built the first house there, making it his home in 1835.
  • He was prominent in all the enterprises of Kalamazoo.
  • He promoted the construction of the Michigan Central Railroad, of which he was a director in 1835, and was a delegate to the Chicago River and Harbor Convention, July 5, 1847.
  • He acquired the title of 'General' from services in the Vermont and Michigan militia.
  • He is interred in the Mountain Home Cem., Kalamazoo, Mich.

George Burdick (I1217) (1798 - 1860)
  • George Burdick was probably the one who was Ensign, 35th Reg't, Dutchess Co., in 1817, and Lieut.-Capt., Asa White's Co., 35th Reg't, Putnam Co., in 1819 ( Council of Appointments, N. Y., pp, 1843, 2001 ).
  • Cr. Cynthia widow of son Philander.
  • Cr. for the family of No. 1217, Frederick T. Carpenter, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. See Crandall Gen. P. 409.

Shadrach Burdick (I1244) (23 MAY 1806 - 22 JAN 1890)
  • Title: Captain
  • Capt. Shadrach Burdick, of Pawling and Otsego Co., N. Y., and Green Lake, Wis.
  • Buried at Green Lake, Wis.
  • Census 1850, Green Lake, for births of children.
  • They resided in Otsego Co., N. Y., until 1843, when he with his wife, their four children, his aged father and mother, pioneered in Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • He was a Republican and both were members of the M. E. Church to which they contributed liberally of time, energy and money.
  • While residing in Dutchess Co., N. Y., Mr. Burdick received from President James K. Polk a commission as captain of riflemen.
  • Cr. Daughter Anna

Elnathan Burdick (I1483) (18 JUN 1865 - 7 AUG 1913)
  • Elnathan Burdick of Lower Pawcatuck, Conn., and Watch Hill, R. I.
  • Buried at Westerly, R. I.
  • Mr. Burdick was a farmer.
  • He was a member of the Watch Hill Coast Guard for 15 yrs.
  • He was a member of the First Baptist Church at Westerly, and a 7th-degree Mason.

Arnold Lake Burdick (I1879) (8 JUN 1826 - 20 APR 1891)
  • Arnold Lake Burdick of Newport, R. I.
  • Title: Major
  • In 1847, Mr. Burdick was Major of the R. I. Horse Guards.
  • Cr. widow Mrs. Annie E. Burdick, Newport, R.I.

Clarke Wells Burdick (I1899) (29 JUN 1833 - JUL 1887)
  • He belonged to the militia at Westerly, R. I.
  • He joined the S. D. B. Church of Hopkinton, R. I., Nov. 9, 1850.
  • He was a factory worker.
  • Cr. Georgina, wife of son, Archie.

William Stanton Burdick (alias Harcourt) (I2050) (9 OCT 1823 - 17 FEB 1888)
  • William Stanton Burdick ( alias Harcourt ) of New York City, Norfolk, Va., Annapolis, Md., Washington, D. C., and Baltimore, Md.
  • Married by Rev. A. L. Hitzitberger.
  • Mr. William Stanton Burdick Harcourt was reared by the Harcourt family and thereafter took their name.
  • Cr. Daughters Florence, Kate and Elsie.
  • Among the grandsons of William Mansfield Harcourt serving in World War II are: William Howard Harcourt, Lt. Air Corps, Salt Lake City; Robert Roysten Harcourt, Jr. Lt. State Guard, N.Y.; Charles Wyants, Army; Joseph Griffith Armiger, Lt. Army; John Walter Armiger, Marine; William Paul Armiger, U.S. Army; John Henry Grauer, Jr. Lt. Overseas; William Harcourt Grauer, Corp Army; & Oscar Roland Grauer, M.P. Army. (Cr. These recs. Mrs. Mary E. Harcourt Owings-Bowen, Dec. 24, 1943)
  • He was a Capt. in the U.S. Navy.

Gerald A. Burdick (I3711) (13 SEP 1903 - )
  • Married in San Antonio, Tex., in St. Marys Roman Catholic Church.
  • They live 1934, San Antonio.
  • He is an aviation engine mechanic, tester and inspector.
  • He sent recs.
  • He was educated in a H. S.
  • He enlisted in the Air Service, June 8, 1922 ; discharged June 8, 1926.
  • While in the service he graduated from the Air Service Technical School as airplane mechanic.

Henry Taber (I12355) (1849 - 1894)
  • Buried at Little Rock, Ark.
  • Title: Captain
  • Henry's father, Horace of Greenwich, N. Y.
  • He was an officer in the U. S. Engineer Corps and a graduate of West Point.

Leander Mason Robinson (I13408) (14 JUN 1846 - 5 DEC 1914)
  • Buried in Hoosick Falls, N. Y.
  • Leander's parents, Hiram and Mary Ann ( Garvin ) of Greenwich and Hoosick Falls, N. Y.
  • He was a machinist the greater part of his life.
  • He became a member of the First Baptist Church in Hoosick Falls, by baptism, Nov. 3, 1866, and its first sexton, Mar. 18, 1867.
  • He enlisted for 7 yrs. in Aug., 1865, for duty on the border in Co. B, 97th Reg't, 10th Brig., 3rd Div., N. Y., S. D. G., and became 1st Corp. of the company ; discharged by disbandment July 8, 1868. For this service the G. A. R. marked his grave with their insignia and flag.

Burford A. White (I13412) (23 MAR 1880 - )
  • He is a machine operator.
  • He was staff Sergeant, Hdqts. Detachment, 32d Div., U. S. National Guard.
  • Burford's parents, Philo and Mary Elizabeth ( McCollum ). of Manchester, Mich.

Henry Preble Burdick (I110412) (18 AUG 1823 - )
  • When last heard from, he was in U. S. Navy.

Oscar Winters (I110811) (7 FEB 1825 - 22 JAN 1903)
  • They resided for many years at Pleasant Grove, Utah.
  • He was an elder in the church.
  • He was an Indian War veteran, pioneer and scout.

Edwin Curtis Burdick (I112084) (5 AUG 1878 - )
  • Res. 1928, Detroit, Mich.
  • He had chn., prob. by both wives.
  • He served in the U. S. Army at Christobal Barracks, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1900-1902, in Battery E, 5th Heavy Art.

Warren Rush Burdick (I112198) (20 FEB 1857 - 8 SEP 1915)
  • Buried at Hoosick Falls, N. Y.
  • He was a Republican, member of the Presbyterian Church, a musician.
  • had been Lieut. of the 32nd Separate Co., Captain of L. B. Worden Division, 4th Reg't, Uniform Rank, K. of P.
  • He was president of Board of Health, and member of the Board of Trade.
  • No chn.

George Rice Burdick (I112223) (6 AUG 1856 - )
  • Res. San Francisco, Calif.
  • He has been connected with the London, Paris and American Bank at San Francisco.
  • He served 17 yrs. in the 1st Calif. Inf., in which he had attained the rank of Lieut.-Col. when he was placed on the retired list in July, 1895.
  • Unmarried, 1900.

Harvey D. Burdick (I113794) (23 APR 1904 - )
  • He is in the U. S. Navy, 1937.
  • Unmarried

Clifford Raymond Dixon (I113893) (16 JAN 1928 - 22 OCT 1993)
  • He was in the U.S. Navy.
  • Later, he was an overhead crane operator and also did odd jobs.
  • Buried in the National Cemetery of Arizona.

John Burdick (I210200) (~1807 - 24 APR 1832)
  • Died Fort Gibson, Arkansas Ter., Apr. 24, 1832 ; in Seminole War, Co. K., U. S. Inf.

Charles Grover Burdick (I211981) (7 JUN 1888 - )
  • He is chief mechanic on a submarine, 1931.

Earl Bartlett Burdick (I212246) (21 MAR 1881 - )
  • Res. 1934, Rushton, Mich.
  • He is a milk inspector for Detroit.
  • He served in the regular army from 1903 to 1906
  • He is a member of the Masonic Lodge.
  • Unmarried

William Bedell Burdick (I221309) (2 FEB 1881 - )
  • Res. 1934, Ossining, N. Y.
  • He is president of Ossining Motor Co.
  • He was educated in public schools and Mt. Pleasant Military Academy at Ossining, and School of Electrical Engineering at Cornell Univ.
  • He served 14 yrs. in 7th Reg't, N. Y. N. G.
  • He is a member of Point Semasqua Rod and Reel Club, Shattemuc Yacht Club, Hollow Brook Country Club.

George Berry (I221900) (16 NOV 1871 - )
  • Res. 1932, Mystic, Conn.
  • He is foreman in the Standard Machinist Co., and has been for 22 yrs.
  • He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, an Odd Fellow, and a Congregationalist.
  • He served in the militia for 11 yrs.

William L. Burdick (I310912) (1856 - 1925)
  • He was appointed from Ohio as a cadet to the U. S. Naval Academy in 1873 ; retired Jan. 30, 1905, for physical disability ; was lieut. commander.
  • He gave recs.

George W. McCoy (I311499) (6 FEB 1904 - )
  • Graduate Vancouver H. S.
  • Attended Univ. of Wash. 1 yr.
  • Member of Tan Delta Frat.
  • Graduate of West Point, 1927.
  • Lieut. in U. S. Army, Attack Div., Air Service.
  • Served 2 yrs. in Vancouver Barracks, Wash.
  • Graduate Kelly Field, Tex., Air Service.
  • Sent to Wheeler Field, 1931.
  • Ordered to Ft. Crockett, Tex., Apr. 4, 1933.
  • Cr. Mrs. Nell McCoy.

Harold Stacy Burdick (I312006) (14 APR 1887 - 16 JAN 1919)
  • Graduated from Providence H. S., 1904, and Brown Univ., 1908
  • Member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.
  • He was appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1909.
  • He was appointed to the battleship Rhode Island, U. S. N., 1909, and commissioned Ensign, 1912.
  • He was a member of the Masonic fraternity.

Charles Allen Carey (I312203) (16 JUL 1884 - 1 JAN 1908)
  • Unmarried
  • He served in Philippines, Co. M, 6th Inf.

Harriet Noelle Burdick (I312564) (26 DEC 1926 - 13 SEP 1988)
  • Served in the U.S.A.F., 1954-1968
  • Stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Frank T. Hatter (I511439) (20 FEB 1867 - )
  • Living 1934, Palisade, Colo.
  • He is secretary and director of the Palisade Irrigation District.
  • He was a soldier in the regular army and lost his left hand near Fort Sully, N. D., during the uprising of Indians under Sitting Bull at Pine Ridge Agency.
  • He sent recs.

Florence Jennie Hunt (I612675) (12 AUG 1891 - )
  • Res. 1936, Vallejo, Calif.
  • She is a graduate of the Univ. of Ill., 1917 ; member of Alpha Xi Delta.
  • He is a graduate of the Univ. of Ill. with final honors, and is a member of Tan Beta Pi Frat.
  • He is also a Mason and has been pres. of Sojourners of Panama.
  • He is an officer of the U. S. Navy, Civil Engineer Corps, with the rank of commander.

Archibald Ross MacKechnie (I713372) (24 DEC 1895 - 6 AUG 1967)
  • Res. 1934, Mississippi College, Miss.
  • Title: Major
  • He is major in the U. S. Regular Army.
  • Title Colonel
  • He served in World War I and II.
  • He went to Australia, Mar. 14, 1942, commanded the 142nd Inf., contracted malaria and arthritis.
  • Res. 1950, Sarasota, Fla. with wife Annabelle.
  • Gary Carlson note: During World War I he was a major in the U.S. Army and was awarded the U.S. Silver Star. He played four years of varsity football and coached football.

Eben S. Dibble (I1005017) (2 JUN 1890 - )
  • Served on the Mexican border, Troop E, 1st Utah Cav., 1916 and 1917.

? Crane (I1005874)
  • He was a soldier.

James Lattimore Guile (I1006526) (24 AUG 1853 - 19 JUN 1932)
  • James' parents, Enos and Jane ( Henry ) Guile.
  • Mr. Guile resides ( 1928 ) with his son James in Johnson City where he is a stationary engineer.
  • Formerly he was supt. Oxford Gas and Electric plant at Oxford, N. Y., for 10 yrs.
  • He was a member of the Masonic orders.
  • He served 8 yrs. in the National Guard of N. Y., Co. B, 103 Reg't.

Harold Hopkins Guile (I1006590) (25 DEC 1906 - )
  • He has served 3 yrs. enlistment in the U. S. Army at Governor's Island, 1 yr. in Motor Transport, 2 yrs. U. S. 16th Inf. and over 1 yr. as orderly to Gen. Summerall. His enlistment expired July, 1926.
  • He is in the electric business in N. Y. City.

Harvey Hickox (I1006641) (4 DEC 1917 - )
  • Res. Ft. Myers, Fla.
  • Title: Sergeant

Thomas Tansey (I1006942)
  • They lived in Norwich ( 1928 ), where he is an electrical lineman.
  • He served in the U. S. Navy, Oct., 1919-July, 1921, on the U. S. S. Delaware.
  • He is a member of the Eagles.

Lawrence Cleveland (I1007006) (10 AUG 1902 - )
  • Served on U. S. Battleship Maryland, 1920-1922.
  • Res. 1937, Norwich, N. Y.

Ada Myrtle Foster (I1007008) (26 DEC 1916 - )
  • She served in World War II.
  • Married at Methodist Church, Norwich, N.Y.

Charles West (I1007202) (29 JUL 1902 - )
  • Enlisted in U. S. Navy, reported missing.

Orrin Skeate Dowse (I1007957) (6 JUN 1896 - )
  • Living 1934
  • Graduate of Lockport H. S.
  • He served in the U. S. Navy.
  • He is a member of Christ Episcopal Club.
  • He is a grain merchant.

Harvey Hurlburt (I1008456)
  • He enlisted in the army and was never heard from.

J. B. Ayleshire (I1008540) (? - <1936)
  • He was a U. S. Army officer.

Lester Duane Moreland (I1008570) (29 JUL 1903 - )
  • Res. 1935, Terre Haute, Ind.
  • He is power engineer for the Public Service in Terre Haute.
  • He was educated at Peddie Boys' School, Heightstown, N. J., and mechanical engineering course, Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, Pa.
  • His fraternities are Alpha Tau Omega and Scabbard and Blade ; clubs are Scimeter, Sword and Crescent, Elks, American Institute of Electrical Engineering.
  • He is 1st Lieut. in Reserve U. S. Army Air Corps.

George Mainard Piper (I1008583) (20 MAY 1909 - )
  • He served 3 yrs. in the U. S. Navy.

Claude Foster (I1013634)
  • Died in the army.

Charles Scott Young (I1015395) (5 NOV 1873 - )
  • Title: Doctor
  • He is a graduate of Geneseo Collegiate Institute, 1892 ; Detroit College of Medicine, 1896.
  • He was a major and surgeon, 1910-1916, in 6th Inf., Ill. National Guard.
  • He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, Presbyterian Church, and a Democrat.

Worling Rivenburg Young (I1015396) (22 JUN 1902 - )
  • Title: Doctor
  • He is a graduate of Univ. of Ia. in Liberal Arts with B.S. degree, 1926, and Medical course in 1928.
  • He is member of Kappa Sigma and Phi Rho Sigma Fraternities.
  • He served his internship at Ancon Hospital, Panama Canal Zone ; is 1st Lieut., Medical Officers' Training Corps, U. S. Army.
  • Their home is in Geneseo, Ill, 1933.

George Loyal Newton (I1015434) (7 JUN 1904 - )
  • He was 2nd Lieut. in 313th Reg't, Inf., Reserve.
  • He is member of Knights of Malta.
  • He resides in Scranton, Pa.
  • He is a salesman.

Eugene Clarence Jack (I1017882) (? - 13 DEC 1948)
  • He was cremated.
  • Gary Carlson note: He was a civil engineer and worked for 30 years in the Puget Sound naval shipyard. He was also a supervisor of governmnet construction. He was very active in civic affairs.
  • (cont) He was a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy in Alaska.

Carl A. Lonsdale (I1017913) (? - 19 SEP 1060)
  • He spent 25 years in the Coast Guard.

Adrian Lonsdale (I1017914) (9 NOV 1927 - )
  • He is married in 1950.
  • His career was in the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Upon his retirement he captained ships.
  • He is an author on subjects related to oceans and ships.

James Babcock (I1030662) (1663 - 17 JAN 1736)
  • Title: Captain
  • He was Capt. in Colonial Militia

Richard H. Demuth (I1041878)
  • Title: Lieut. Col. AAF

Thomas J. Cordner (I1060521) (21 DEC 1931 - 8 DEC 2010)
  • Buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic CT.
  • Title: Brigadier General
  • Brigadier General (Ret) Thomas J. Cordner, Jr. (78), beloved husband of Carolynne (Burdick) Cordner of Stuart, Florida and Westerly, Rl, passed away on December 8, 2010 after an extended illness and following surgery. In addition to his wife, he leaves two daughters, Kelly Cordner of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Linda Richartz and her husband Jeffrey of Old Lyme, Connecticut; and his son William and his wife Cathy of Mystic, Connecticut. He also leaves three grandchildren, Halsey, Eliza and Graham Richartz. He was predeceased by his parents, Irene and Thomas J. Cordner, Sr. BG Cordner was a Design Supervisor and Submarine Stability Analyst at Electric Boat in Groton, CT until his retirement in 1987. He also served as a Police Commissioner in Stonington, CT during the 1980's. He was a life member of the Westerly Yacht Club, as well as a member of the Elks, the VFW and the American Legion.
  • (cont) His active duty career began in 1950 as a chief radar operator ending with a rank of Sergeant in 1955 in the Connecticut National Guard. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1956 rising through the ranks until his promotion to the rank of Brigadier General in 1980 in the Rhode Island Army National Guard. His last position was Commander of the 43d Military Police Brigade until his retirement in 1987. His numerous awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Rhode Island Star.

Loren Johnson (I10022261) (30 MAR 1928 - 9 MAR 2012)
  • Following his graduation from Grand County High School in 1946, he enlisted in the Army where he worked in the motor pool as a mechanic for the occupation forces in Japan until his honorable discharge in January 1948.

George Herbert Newell (I10022265) (21 FEB 1915 - 30 APR 1975)
  • Title: Captain
  • U.S. Army Veteran
  • Burial: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Moab, Grand County, Utah, USA

John Rooks Patrick (I10058033) (22 JUN 1944 - 25 JUL 1987)
  • Buried in Springville Evergreen Cemetery, Springville, Utah.
  • Lt. Col. John Rooks Patrick, 43, died Saturday, July 25, 1987 in an automobile accident in St. Charles, Mo. He was born June 20, 1944 in Payson, the son of John C. and Ada Mae Rooks Patrick. He married Edith Ann (Midge) Dawson June 1, 1967 in the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He graduated from Springville High School and LDS Seminary. He obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. He served in the Central Atlantic Mission for the LDS Church. He attended BYU and graduated with a masters degree in History and completed training with United States Air Force ROTC (Tours of Duty ) Vandenberg Air Force Base. Calif., Fort Mead, Md., then he taught at BYU, ROTC. Weisbaden, West Germany where he received an award for th emost outstanding Air Force officer in Europe, and NATO Headquarters in Belgium. At the time of his death he was associate professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of North Carolina.
  • (cont) He was an active member of the LDS Church and served as a bishop while in Germany and Belgium and in many other church positions. At the time of his death was was serving as a member of the High Counsel in the Charlotte, N.C. Stake. He was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman.
  • (cont) He is survived by his wife, five sons, two daughters: John David, Kristine, Robert, Craig. Darin, Devin and Cheryl, all of Charlotte, N.C. his parents of Springville; four sisters, one brother: Kathleen Hammond, Mapleton: Mrs. Vance (Carolyn) Keetch, Lindon; Mrs. Garth (Jean) Morgan, Sandy; Mrs. William (Mary) Neff, Spanish Fork, and Paul R. Patrick, Springville.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, July 26, 1987: A man and his son were killed early Saturday, and eight other members of their family were injured seriously, when their van struck a signpost along Interstate 70 in St. Charles County. The family was on its way home to Charlotte, N.C., after a two-week vacation in Provo, Utah. The Missouri Highway Patrol identified the dead as Air Force Lt. Col. John R. Patrick, 43, and his son, Brian Patrick, 14. Seriously hurt were the mother, Edith Patrick, 41, and seven other children ranging from 6-17. All are hospitalized. The mother is paralized from the waise down, and one of the children has been unconscious since the accident. The family was passing through the St. Louis area when the accident occurred about 5 a.m. The Highway Patrol said Edith Patrick apparently fell asleep while driving. The van struck a large signpost about a half-mile west of the Zumbehl Road overpass on I-70.

David Arthur Owens (I10062114) (20 DEC 1922 - 13 FEB 1996)
  • Title: Colonel

Thomas Jordan Gross (I10095030) (21 SEP 1931 - )
  • Attended Valentine and Henry E. Huntington Elementary Schools, South Pasadena Junior High and South Pasadena Senior High graduating in June 1949. For summer work in 1947-49 was a guide at a riding stable in Crestline, CA.
  • Attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO, as a business major, graduating Cum Laude on June 8, 1953. Summer work in 1951-52 was as an order filler at Vroman’s California School Book Depository, Pasadena, CA.
  • On the day after graduation became a 2nd Lt in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.
  • On July 2, 1953 was called to active duty with Officers Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. Then assigned to meteorology classes at UCLA for one school year.
  • In August 1954 assigned to Detachment 1, 18th Weather Squadron at Fuerstenfeldbruck AB, Germany where served as weather forecaster attaining the rank of 1st Lt.
  • In 1957 reassigned to Detachment 6, 9th Weather Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Montana, as a weather forecaster, wing weather officer and chief forecaster attaining the rank of captain. In 1960 attended Squadron Officers School at Montgomery, Alabama for three and one-half months.
  • In 1961 reassigned to Detachment 17, 1st Weather Wing, Yokota AB, Japan, as a weather forecaster. In 1964 reassigned to Detachment 18, 24th Weather Squadron at Laredo AFB, TX as detachment commander attaining the rank of major. In 1967 reassigned to Detachment 22, 15th Weather Squadron, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma as detachment commander.
  • In 1968 reassigned to the Pentagon (AF/RDQPN) with duty at the Atomic Energy Commission, Germantown, MD, as Special Assistant to the Chief, Fallout Studies Branch, Division of Biology and Medicine, attaining the rank of Lt Colonel. Retired from the Air Force in this position on July 31, 1973, having served 20 years and 29 days on active duty. Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.
  • On the day after retirement went to work for the Atomic Energy Commission as a GS-14 with the title of High Altitude Program Manager. In 1978 given the additional task of assisting with the Carbon Dioxide Research Program. In 1981 assigned to the Carbon Dioxide Research Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences as Manager, Special Projects. Duties as High Altitude Program Manager were terminated. Principal tasks with the new program were to oversee the development and operation of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center at Oak Ridge, TN, and to manage the sea level rise program. In 1989 reassigned to the Atmospheric and Climate Research Division, Office of Health and Environmental Research. This office eventually was absorbed by the Environmental Sciences Division and I was assigned added duties as budget coordinator for the division until retirement in June 1994 from the Department of Energy.

Christian Eames de Graff (I10137018) (23 DEC 1955 - )
  • He was raised on a dairy farm.
  • Attended the United States Military Academy at West Point (1975 – 1979).
  • He served on active duty in the U.S. Army for 28 years, retiring as a Colonel.
  • He is currently a business development manager for a training and simulations company.

Elbert Fish (I10177106) (23 NOV 1933 - )
  • He was a nurse in the U.S. Army, 1951-1976 and lived in many places.
  • He retired from the Army as a Sgt. Major.
  • He continued to work as a nurse in state and federal government agencies.

Perry Whitaker (I10177149)
  • He spent some years in the U.S. Army.
  • He then worked for a modular home manufacturer.

Warren Burdick (I10177167) (9 AUG 1947 - )
  • He joined the U.A. Army with tours of duty in Germany.
  • He then worked for the California Air National Guard in ground radio maintenance.

Markus Wood (I10177174) (19 AUG 1950 - )
  • He served in the U.S. Army.
  • He works in computer operations.

Debra Burdick (I10640012) (1961 - )
  • Have children.
  • She was in the Army.

? Chapman (I10800009)
  • He died in military training.

John Fulton Burdick (I10890010) (8 JUN 1931 - 21 MAR 2015)
  • John graduated from Seminole High School in 1948.
  • He attended Oklahoma Military Academy from 1948 to 1950 Majoring in Engineering, Graduating from Jr. College.
  • John joined the U.S. Air Force in 1950 and served 22 years, Retiring in 1972.
  • He then went to work at Tinker Air Force Base in the Air Materials Division for the Civil Service, Retiring in 1992.

Roy Spencer Burk (I11490025) (31 MAR 1946 - )
  • Roy Spencer Burk served in the U. S. Marines for four years and currently resides at Lindale, Texas.

Richard Melvin Noble (I11930502) (16 MAR 1940 - )
  • He is an Ocean Engineer.
  • He is in the U.S. Navy

Joseph Raymond Burdick (I11930557) (28 NOV 1946 - )
  • Born in Union Hospital,Terre Haute, Indiana.
  • He was a Soldier.
  • He was a Security Guard.

Thomas Oren Warner (I11930614) (13 NOV 1964 - )
  • He is in the U.S. Navy
  • Second marriage was at the Justice of the Peace, Currituck, North Carolina.

Robert George Sinram (I11930668) (16 MAY 1974 - )
  • He is in the U.S. Navy

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