Burdick Military

War of 1812

The War of 1812 (1812-1814), sometimes called the Second Ward of Independence, was a military conflict, lasting for two and a half years, fought by the United States of America against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, its North American colonies, and its American Indian allies. Seen by the United States and Canada as a war in its own right, it is frequently seen in Europe as a theatre of the Napoleonic Wars, as it was caused by issues related to that war (especially the Continental System).

The war resolved many issues which remained from the American Revolutionary War but involved no boundary changes. The United States declared war on June 18, 1812 for several reasons, including trade restrictions brought about by the British war with France, the impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support of Indian tribes against American expansion, outrage over insults to national honor after humiliations on the high seas, and possible American interest in annexing British territory in modern-day Canada.

The following 48 Burdick family members are known to have fought in the War of 1812.

Robert Burdick (I184) (19 JUN 1787 - 15 FEB 1860)
  • Cr. : Pension Bureau, Rec. Div. ; Son, Robert Burdick, Gowen, Mich., R. F. D. ; H. S. Brown, Gowen, Mich., R. F. D. ; U. S. Census, 1840, Roll Pensioners.
  • Robert Burdick of Pawling, N. Y., Hopkinton, R. I., Warsaw and Farmersville, N. Y., Montcalm Township, Mich.
  • He was a farmer and a Democrat.
  • . He was a soldier in the second war with Great Britain. He enlisted as a private in Col. Dobbin's New York Reg't and served from June, 1812, to Jan. 1, 1813, under Captains Kellog and Buell. He enlisted Dec. 9, 1813, at Batavia, N. Y., in the 23rd U. S. Inf. and served under Captains David Scott, Phelps, Henry Whiting and Frederick Brown until June 28, 1815. He was wounded in the right arm by a musket ball at the battle of Fort Erie. For this disability he was given a pension Sept. 1, 1819, while a resident of Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. His name appears on the pension roll of the Supplement of the Census of 1840. He then resided in Cattaraugus Co.
  • He moved from Warsaw to Farmersville, Cattaraugus Co., 1823.
  • In the spring of 1877 he moved to Montcalm Township, Mich.

Lodowick Burdick (I235) (5 APR 1764 - 9 MAR 1828)
  • Cr. : James M. Burdick, New Britain, Conn. ; T. B. Lamb, Westfield, N. Y. ; Wheeler's Hist. of Stonington ; V. S. of R. I., for p. and b.
  • Capt. Lodowick Burdick of Westerly, R. I., North Stonington, Colchester and Chatham, Conn.,
  • During the War of 1812 a vessel he commanded was captured and he was taken prisoner to Martinique and placed in prison. He escaped by smuggling himself aboard a vessel that had stopped to refit. He was a mariner in his early days and later was a farmer.
  • U. S. Census, 1790, New London Co., Conn. Had a family of 1 male over 16, 1 under 16, and 2 females.

Issac Burdick (I237) (17?? - JUL 1866)
  • Cr. : Conn. in the War of 1812 ; Hamilton Hurd's Hist. of New London Co., Conn.
  • Isaac Burdick of Stonington, Conn.
  • During the War of 1812 he served in the Conn. Militia as corporal in the commands of Jesse Breed and Asa A. Swan at New London and Groton Bank, June 19-25, 1813, and under Jesse Breed at Stonington, Conn.
  • Phylma Burdick Holmes was executrix of her father’s will, probated July 19, 1866, Stonington. Cyrus (Stone in Old Mineral Meeting House Cem.)

Thomas(?) Burdick (I238) (17?? - 18??)
  • Cr. : Conn. Military Rec.
  • Thomas Burdick of Stonington and Plainfield, Conn.
  • Thomas Burdick served as private in the command of Charles Meech and Paul Harvey, Conn. Militia, War of 1812, stationed at New London and Groton. He was a farmer.
  • Mary was sister to Ethelinda Whipple, who m. Jan. 1, 1799, Theophilus Billings.

Perry Burdick (I273) (23 MAR 1776 - 18 JUN 1858)
  • Cr. : Mrs. Lewis M. Howe, Anderson, Ind. ; Capt. George K. Collins, Syracuse, N. Y.
  • Perry Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., and Berlin and Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., and Lincklaen, Chenango Co.
  • Perry Burdick was a farmer.
  • He removed from Petersburg, N. Y., in 1807 or 1808, to Chenango Co., N. Y., settling at what is now Lincklaen, but then a wilderness. The locality was long called 'Burdick Settlement.'
  • At Lincklaen's first town meeting in 1824, he was elected inspector of schools.
  • He had been a member of the Berlin S. D. B. Church, and on Nov. 15, 1831, he helped to organize the S. D. B. Church at Burdick Settlement.
  • He was a soldier of the War of 1812.

Nathaniel Burdick (I318) (17?? - )
  • Nathaniel Burdick of Charlestown, R. I., and North Stonington, Conn.
  • Married by Rev. Nathaniel Ells of Stonington
  • During the War of, 1812 he served as private in Capt. Roswell Morgan's Artillery, 20th Reg't ( Tracy's ), Conn., Militia, stationed at New London, June 1 to 18, 1813 ; also in Capt. Charles Thomas' Artillery, same Reg't, Aug. 13 to 23, 1814.
  • He may have been a son of Nathaniel, Jr.

Nathaniel Burdick (I325) (1780 - 14 JAN 1867)
  • Cr. : Mrs. Ida B. Gilbert, Fairfax, Vt. ; Ebenezer K. Burdick, Bloomingdale, N. Y. ; Town Clerk, Westford, Vt. ; Mrs. Reuben Ward, Lancaster, Wis. ; U. S. Adj. Gen, Military Rec.
  • Nathaniel Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., and Westford, Chittenden Co., Vt.
  • About 1799, as town records show, he located in Westford, Vt., where he bought a farm, living there until the death of his wife, when he went to live with his son ( or nephew ) Sanford.
  • He was a soldier in the War of 1812 from Aug. 28, 1812, to Dec. 8, 1818, in Capt. Joseph Dorrance's Co., 3rd Reg't, Vt.
  • He returned to R. I., was married and returned to Vt.

Asa (prob.) Burdick (I345) (6 SEP 1773 - 24 MAR 1857)
  • Cr. : Bible Recs., Miss Hattie Langworthy, Mill Village, Pa.
  • Asa Burdick, prob. son of Benjamin 129
  • Buried in Mitchel Cem. near Cambridge Springs, Pa.
  • Mr. Burdick was a sea captain and began to follow the sea when 16 yrs. old. After his marriage his wife went to sea with him for seven years. Then they came ashore and went to Vt.
  • He served in the War of 1812 and took up land in Venango Co., Pa. He remained there for 20 years, then lived a year in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., but returned to Pa. and bought land in Erie Co. and lived there until he and his wife died. Their son Henry lived with them.

Ebenezer Burdick (I351) (1787 - 6 AUG 1847)
  • Cr. : Silas G. Burdick, LeMars, Ia. ; Mrs. Almira Carroll, Gilberts Mills, N. Y. ; Descendants of First Settlers of Schenectady, N. Y., by John Parsons, for p. of Rachel ; Isaac Clute's Will, County Clerk's Office, Syracuse, N. Y.
  • Ebenezer Burdick of Hopkinton, R, I., Stonington and Burlington, Conn., and Brookfield, N. Y., and Litchfield, N. Y.
  • Children from Bible rec., Mrs. J. Connell
  • In 1813 they removed from Litchfield to Brookfield, N. Y. He was a farmer and carpenter ; in religion a Universalist ; and a soldier in the War of 1812
  • Bible records on Ebenezer owned by Mrs. James E. Connell (I2129).

Stephen Rouse Burdick (I364) (1795 - 1847)
  • Cr. : Prof. Thos. B. Stillman, Hoboken, N. J. ; Mrs. Harriet Burdick, Lowville, N. Y. ; Will of father, Dec. 24, 1821, Grafton, N. Y. ; Will of brother Joshua, Mar. 6, 1828, Grafton ; Sylvester's Hist. of Grafton ; Sabbath Recorder, d. of w. ; Bible of Zaccheus T., owned by George W. Burdick, DeRuyter, N. Y.
  • Stephen Rouse Burdick of Grafton, N. Y.
  • Children, some or all b. in Grafton, N. Y.
  • Stephen R. Burdick was a soldier of the War of 1812 in Capt. Hezekiah Hull, Jr.'s Co., 45th Reg't ( Knickerbocker's ), N. Y. He was a sergeant from Sept. 8, to 19, 1814.
  • He was a farmer, a member of the Watson S. D. B. Church and a school commissioner at Grafton, N. Y.

Sela Burdick (I391) (3 MAR 1788 - 9 NOV 1864)
  • Cr. : Prof. F. L. Greene, Gen. ; Dr. Alfred A. Burdick, Baltimore, Md.
  • Sela Burdick of Farmington and Bristol, Conn., Madison Co., N. Y., and Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y.
  • Died Adams, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1861 ( stone rec. )
  • Sela Burdick left his paternal home in Conn. when 16 yrs. old, going to Madison Co. N. Y., thence to Adams, N. Y., clearing in the wilderness a farm where he lived.
  • He served in the War of 1812, and received 160 acres of land in the West.
  • He was one of the 22 organizers of the S. D. B. Church at Adams.
  • He was a great admirer of Gen. Jackson and was a Democrat.
  • S.D.B. Rec. gives death of Sela as Nov. 9, 1864, ae 76.
  • Cr. also Dau. Sally Yerrington.
  • S.D.B. Rec. gives death of Polly N. as Mar. 8, 1855 ae 57.
  • Cr. also Dau. Sally Yerrington.

Thompson Burdick (I403) (? - 1813)
  • Cr. : George K. Collins, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Christopher G. Burdick, Antigo, Wis.
  • Thompson Burdick of Pawcatuck, Conn., and Brookfield, N. Y.
  • Died Buffalo, N. Y., 1813, of yellow fever, in war

Stanton Amos (aka. Amos Stanton) Burdick (I417) (23 DEC 1797 - 8 APR 1881)
  • Cr. : Mrs. James H. Reynolds, Granville, N. Y. ; Mrs. Ashley Wilson, Poultney, Vt.
  • Amos Stanton Burdick of Granville, N. Y., and Lockport, Ill.
  • He lived 18 miles from Chicago, Ill., 1873.
  • He fought in the War of 1812.
  • Dave Henley indicates his name was Stanton Amos, not Amos Stanton.

Russell M. Burdick (I428) (5 JAN 1797 - 29 DEC 1850)
  • Cr. : George K. Collins, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Conn. Military Rec., Adj. Gen.
  • Russell M. Burdick of Scott, and Spafford, N. Y.
  • He served in Nathan Johnson's Co., Conn. Militia, War of 1812, stationed at Saybrook, Conn.
  • He was justice of Spafford, N. Y., many years ; called Squire Burdick.
  • Mary E. (Burdick) Backus (I120428) sent recs.

Matthew Burdick (I488) (7 FEB 1794 or 1795 - 11 FEB 1878)
  • Cr. : Sylvester's Hist. Rens. Co., Pension Bureau ; E. Burdick, Alexandria, S. D. ; Rev. A. B. Burdick, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ; Elijah B. Howard, Grafton Center, N. Y. ; Adelbert Burdick, New York City.
  • Dr. Matthew Burdick of Grafton, Rensselaer Co., N. Y.
  • Title: Doctor
  • One son was a preacher ( Methodist ), one was a physician, and Wesley was a machinist. Matthew Burdick was a botanical doctor. During the second war with Great Britain he served as corporal from Sept. 10, 1814, to Sept. 25, 1814, in Capt. Rood's Co. of N. Y. Militia. His widow on Apr. 12, 1879, when 66 years old, applied for a pension, which was granted. She resided at Greenwich, N. Y., at that time. Matthew Burdick and his wife Almira are buried in an old graveyard in the town of Jackson, Washington Co., N. Y., at Battenville, 4 miles northeast of Greenwich.
  • Matthew Burdick of Grafton, N. Y., was a member of the Eddy Expedition in the War of 1812.
  • Charles Hay, Troy, N. Y., is a great grandson (1932).

Ensign Kendall Burdick (I502) (4 AUG 1778 - 21 MAR 1871)
  • Cr. : Abram L. Burdick, South Swansea, Mass. ; Blackburn's Hist. of Susquehanna Co., Pa., p. 393 ; Mrs. Nettie Taft, Binghamton, N. Y.
  • Ensign Kendall Burdick of Hopkinton ( Potter Hill ), R. I., and Clifford, Susquehauna Co., Pa.
  • He was a steward on whaling vessels, and later followed agricultural pursuits.
  • He served in the War of 1812.
  • With his wife and children he left his early home in 1824 for the West, and bought a farm near the present S. D. B. church in Clifford, Pa. He was an earnest Baptist and feeling the need of a church home, he soon interested himself in the establishment of a place of worship, and was one of the constituent members of the above named church, and retained his membership to the last.
  • He died in 1871, in his 93rd year, having preserved his mental and physical powers to the last.
  • He was well informed on matters of Scripture and an earnest Christian.

Adam Burdick (I507) (15 JAN 1791 - 10 DEC 1834)
  • Cr.: Prof. A. R. Crandall, Alfred, N. Y. ; C. C. Chipman, New York City ; S. D. B. Recorder, d. of w. ; Cem. Recs., Newport, R. I.
  • Adam Burdick of Westerly, R. I.
  • Adam Burdick was a private in Capt. Melville's Co., Newport, R. I., in the War of 1812 ( Adj. Gen. Office, Washington, D. C. ).

Raymond (or Ray) Josiah Burdick (I510) (13 MAR 1800 - 2 JAN 1851)
  • Ray or Raymond G. Burdick of Newport, R. I.
  • Married by Rev. Eddy
  • Mr. Burdick served in the War of 1812, at Newport, R. I.
  • Cr. marriage date, The Providence Journal Vol.16, P. 268.

Hezekiah Burdick (I518) (3 JUN 1786 - 23 MAR 1861)
  • Half-sister to his brother Silas' wife
  • Cr. : Mrs. Phebe B. Vance, Mt. Victory, O. ; H. C. Beard, Magnetic Springs, O. ; Jasper H. Beard, Montpelier, O.
  • Hezekiah Burdick of Seneca Co., N. Y., Beaver Co., Pa., and Union Co., O.
  • Hezekiah Burdick served in the War of 1812.

Henry Burdick (I579) (1 SEP 1789 - 25 SEP 1856)
  • Cr. : Dau. Mrs. Mary A. Howser, Baltimore, Md.
  • Henry Burdick of Leyden, Franklin Co., Mass., Halifax, Windham Co., Vt., Georgetown and Washington, D. C., Baltimore, Md., and Wheeling, W. Va.
  • Henry Burdick, Jr., was a coachmaker, an inventor and poet.
  • He removed from Halifax, Vt., to Washington, D. C., about 1814, thence to Baltimore in 1827, to Washington about 1828 or 1829, and returned to Baltimore about 1836 and later went hack to Wheeling.
  • While a resident of Washington he joined a militia company, and was a courier during the war of 1812-14, carrying to the President dispatches announcing the result of the Battle of Bladinsburg.
  • He was often mistaken for the President when he lived in Washington.
  • Henry Burdick was a prominent member of Light Street M. E. Church when he lived in Baltimore and his wife was a member of Fayette Street M. E. Church when she died.

William Pendleton Burdick (I580) (>1790 - 14 DEC 1850)
  • Cr. : Hyde Gen.
  • Lieut. William Pendletone Burdick of Leyden, Mass., Halifax, Vt., Ithaca, N. Y., and San Francisco, Calif.
  • Title: Lieut.
  • William P. Burdick was a watchmaker and jeweler and the inventor of a sewing machine.
  • Soon after marriage he removed to Ithaca, N. Y., and in 1849 he went to San Francisco, accompanied by his son Stark.
  • In 1809, while residing in Madison County, N. Y., he was appointed a cornet, Capt. Spears' troop, Third Squadron, Fifth Division of Cavalry. Was promoted to 2nd Lieut. in 1811 and resigned in 1814. He removed to Tompkins Co., where in 1818 he was appointed 2nd Lieut. of Capt. Ackley's Co., 7th Reg't of Artillery.

James Ross Burdick (I582) (29 JUN 1796 - 8 FEB 1867)
  • Cr. : N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. 22, p. 35 ; Allen Burdick, San Francisco, Calif. ; Dr. Jas. T. Burdick, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Mrs. Hattie ( Burdick ) Shorkley, Oakland, Calif.
  • Rev. James Ross Burdick of Leyden, Mass., Halifax, Vt., Washington, D. C., Tioga and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and Oswego, Ithaca, Scipio and Syracuse, N. Y.
  • Title: Reverend
  • Buried Oakwood Cem., Syracuse, N. Y.
  • Rev. James R. Burdick graduated from Brown University in 1822 and subsequently engaged in teaching. At one time he was principal of the Capital Hill Seminary, Washington, D. C. His wife was a teacher in the same institution.
  • Afterwards he entered the Baptist ministry, and was pastor of churches at Tioga and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and Oswego, Ithaca and Scipio Center, N. Y.
  • Failing in health, he removed to Onondaga Hill ( then a suburb of Syracuse, N. Y. ), where he died. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse.
  • J. Ross Burdick served as a private in the Conn. Militia, War of 1812-14, in the command of Daniel Miner, 2nd, stationed at Stonington.
  • Jane Kellogg (jek20new@localnet.com), from the 'Full text of 'History of the Seneca Baptist Association: with…' (www.archive.org/streamcu): There is a section on the history of the Farmerville, NY Baptist Church which mentions James R. Burdick having a short pastorate there: 236 Seneca Baptist Association. James R. Burdick. Grad. Brown University, 1822. L.. Providence, R. I. ; P.. Ithaca, 1832. Mis'y. df State Conv. in Bradford and Tioga counties. Pa., wliere he organized several churches. Died near Syracuse, Feb. 8. 1867, aged seventy years. A man of peace.

Henry (or Harry) Burdick (I613)
  • Henry or Harry Burdick of Stonington, Conn., and Nantucket, Mass.
  • During the War of 1812 he served in the Conn. Militia under Joseph A. Bishop.

Russell Burdick (I620) (25 AUG 1794 - 4 OCT 1868)
  • Russell Burdick of Conn. and Central Square, N. Y.
  • Died Central Square, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1868, age 74 yrs., 1 mo., 9 das.
  • He served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Nathan Johnson's Co., at Saybrook, Coon.
  • most recs. of this line are from Mr. & Mrs. Russell Burdick No. 2649, Central Square, N.Y. & John William Burdick. See No. 1518, & Bible Recs. from Mrs. Florence Potter. See No. 1515.

Thomas Burdick (I634) (FEB 1794 - 3 NOV 1883)
  • Cr. : N. E. Mist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. 71, p. 36.
  • Thomas Burdick of Plainfield and Pachaug Center, Conn.
  • Thomas Burdick, Jr. served in Joseph Lester's command in Conn. Militia, War of 1812, stationed at New London.
  • Buried in Gallup Cemetery, Plainfield, Conn.
  • Cr. Gallup Cemetery Rec.

Kinyon Burdick (I664) (19 NOV 1792 - 8 FEB 1882)
  • Cr : Mrs. Hannah S. Burdick, DeRuyter, N. Y. ; Miss Lina Preston, DeRuyter, N. Y. ; Arnold's V. S. of R. I., b.
  • Kinyon Burdick of Westerly, R. I., Lincklaen, N. Y.
  • He was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Asa Burdick (I787) (14 JUL 1786 - 3 SEP 1864)
  • Asa Burdick of Berlin and Alfred, N. Y., and Milton, Wis.
  • Buried in Milton, Wis.
  • Asa Burdick was ensign in the 86th Reg't Feb. 29, 1812.
  • He removed to Alfred in 1814, and to Milton, Wis., in 1852.
  • He was a member of the S. D. B. Church.
  • Cr. Pioneers of Alfred, by F.L. Greene, P. 10.
  • Cr. S.D.B. Rec. for death of Asa & Luanna.
  • Asa and Luanna are buried in the same grave.
  • Cr. Son of No. 1781 & son of No. 1783 & his wife, Irene.
  • They lived in the same house with their son, Russell, until their deaths.
  • Cr. granddaughter Edna who send many records on Asa (6) and Asa (5) lines.

Isaiah Burdick (I841) (28 FEB 1787 - 24 SEP 1864)
  • Cr. : R. I. Hist. Mag., VoIs. 1 and 4.
  • Capt. Isiah Burdick of Newport and Providence, R. I.
  • Title: Captain
  • Capt. Isiah Burdick served during the War of 1812-14 as purser's steward on the U. S. Gunboat No. 54, commanded by Sailing Master Eli Brown and stationed at Newport in June, 1813. After the war he commanded vessels in the merchant marine.
  • Cr. V.S. of R.I.O.
  • Cr. Dr. Snow's for birth and marriage.
  • Cr. Grandson Horace No. 3184.

Charles Clark Burdick (I852) (11 MAR 1796 - 2 FEB 1879)
  • Brig. - Gen. Charles C. Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I.
  • Married by Eld. Matthew Stillman
  • Title: Brigadier-General
  • Feb. 2, 1824. Will of his uncle, John K. Burdick, gives his parentage.
  • 1830-1834. Appointed justice of peace annually.
  • He was a soldier in the War of 1812 ; was appointed lieut. col., 3rd Reg't, June, 1825 ; colonel, June, 1826 ; brig.-gen., 3rd Brigade, Washington Co., May, 1827 and 1828.
  • 1826: Brigadier-General 3rd Brigade Washington County, Rhode Island
  • Howard Burdick note: Nellie Johnson reports his marriage date to Almira Coon as Nov. 22, 1818, Kathleen Mills records it as Oct. 15, 1818. Given new research methods, this genealogy will maintain Kathleen Mills' date.
  • On April 8, 1836, three of his children died: Almira F., Celia J., Joseph H.
  • 1856: Occupation as Patent Medicines Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Buried in Island Cemetery, Newport, Rhode Island, NT001.

Rowland Burdick (I979) (11 MAY 1793 - 1 OCT 1873)
  • Cr. : Mrs. Fantine Burdick, Smethport, Pa.
  • Rowland Burdick of Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y., Smethport and Colegrove, McKean Co, Pa.
  • Children, by 1st wife, b. on farm near Norwich Corners, McKean Co., Pa.
  • He enlisted as drummer and fifer boy in the War of 1812.
  • Accompanied by his wife, he came to Norwich Township, McKean Co., Pa., 1815, and hewed themselves a home out of the wilderness.
  • They were a sturdy family of men and women, who did their part, as have their descendants, in developing this section of McKean Co., Pa.
  • Buried in Colegrove, Pa.
  • Cr. for parents, Charles L. Burdick, No. 2073 & his sister, No. 2069.

Joshua Ross Burdick (I991) (14 JUL 1794 - )
  • Joshua Ross Burdick of Charlestown, R. I., and Conn.
  • He served in the Connecticut Militia, War of 1812-14, as private in the command of Lemuel G. Crocker, and was stationed at Groton, Conn.

Timothy Burdick (I1040) (~1790 - 24 JAN 1875)
  • Timothy Burdick of Westford, Vt.
  • Buried Underhill, Vt.
  • Mr. Burdick was a soldier in the War of 1812, a farmer and one of the surveyors of highways in Underhill, Vt.
  • Cr. Granddaughter Medora, No. 3400.

Billings Burdick (I1317) (21 MAY 1788 - 28 MAY 1873)
  • Billings Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., and Greenfield, Pa.
  • His early married life was spent in Mansfield, Conn.
  • Coming to Clifford, Pa., in 1815, with his brother Thomas and uncle Elias, he purchased the farm in Greenfield, Nov. 28, 1820, where he spent the rest of his life and where he and his wife are buried.
  • The farm is still in the family, 1928.
  • He served in the War of 1812, and with other 1812 soldiers raised a flag at Savory Corners, Pa.
  • Cr. Mrs. Louise Connett, No. 2462-D-2.

Rowland Burdick (I1324) (1789 - )
  • Rowland Burdick of Hopkinton, R. I., Greenville and Griswold, Conn.
  • Married by Elder Matthew Stillman to Lydia Kenyon.
  • In 1855, when 66 years old, he applied for bounty land, for service in Capt. Joseph Stanton's Company, Conn. Militia, from June 10 to 17 and from July 16 to 28, 1813, in War of 1812.
  • His first seven sons served in the Civil War.
  • Cr. Will of his father, Joel, June 2, 1828

John Havens (I11080) (18 OCT 1795 - 24 OCT 1867)
  • John Havens served in the militia of N. Y. State at the Battle of Plattsburg, Sept. 10 and 11, 1814.
  • He gave recs.

Zadock Adams (I20976) (15 FEB 1780 - 22 SEP 1856)
  • Col. Zadock Adams' parents, Dea. Ebenezer ( Capt. John, John, Peter, Henry ) and 1st wife, Mary ( Morse ) Adams. Col. Adams was a soldier in the War of 1812.
  • Title: Colonel
  • His 1st wife, Content Train, died Sept. 6, 1848.

George Stillman (I110095) (19 MAY 1739 - )
  • Title: Colonel

Isaac B. Maine (I110162) (17 OCT 1793 - 17 NOV 1869)
  • Isaac B. Maine was a soldier in the War of 1812, for which service his widow drew a pension.

John Burdick (I110234)
  • Served in the War of 1812.

Thomas Hiscox Burdick (I110243) (2 JUL 1794 - JUL 1869)
  • Buried in Lincklaen, N. Y.
  • He was a soldier in the War of 1812.
  • Family records give his birth as 1795.

Samuel Allen Burdick (I210085) (30 DEC 1779 - 7 JUL 1875)
  • Served in War of 1812
  • Lived with Freelove and Lucy.
  • Unmarried

Squire P. Bromley (I210157)
  • Married Olive or Dolly Avery or Randall of Norwich, N. Y.
  • He was in the War of 1812 ; had chn.

Simon Burdick (I210297) (15 FEB 1786 - 17 OCT 1860)
  • Unmarried
  • Served in War of 1812 in Conn. Militia.

Ichabod Horace Burdick (I1099061) (30 APR 1786 - 7 DEC 1847)
  • Nellie Johnson note: This line is unclassified Burdicks, who probably are descendants of Robert.
  • Cr.: Bible of Ichabod Burdick, owned by Mrs. Nellie Allen.
  • He mother was named Hannah (Cr. Intestate Estates, Monroe Co., N. Y.)
  • The will of Ichabod Horace Burdick is recorded in Angola, Ind. He was a prominent property holder in Mich. and Ind.
  • His mother, Hannah Burdick. of Parma, N. Y., died Sept., 1830, leaving her son Ichabod and grandson, Jared C. Burdick, son of Jonathan Burdick, deceased. Jonathan's wife was Polly, niece of William R. Case of Mendon, N. Y.
  • Twelve children came to Michigan with their Ichabod. The youngest died there in 1833, the others married and raised large families. (Cr. Michigan Pioneers and Histoty Vols. P. 240.)
  • He was appointed Ensign of Capt. Neddleton's Co. 52d Regt. N.Y. Militia, and was in the Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814.

Daniel Burdick (I10052001) (15 FEB 1778 - 24 MAR 1872)
  • Paula Lukow note: Daniel Burdick is a Mayflower descendant. The family origin is from Wales. This information is from 'History of Berrien County' by Judge Coolidge. I got a lot of information from the family bible in possession of Philena Dennis. I also looked at the 1850 census of Van Buren County, Michigan - town of Hamilton and the 1840 census of the Township of Concord, Lake County, Ohio.
  • In 1791 the part of Vermont where Daniel was born became Washington County, New York.
  • He served in the War of 1812 in the 23rd Regiment (Cook's) New York Militia. He received a pension (#15,822) for $46.00 - presumably that was an annual allotment. He was a resident of Hamilton, Van Buren, Michigan when he received this pension.
  • 1840 Census - Concord, Lake, Ohio, United States Census Bureau (www.ancestry.com).
  • 1850 Census - Hamilton, Van Buren, Michigan, United States Census Bureau, (www.ancestry.com), p. 1 of 9.
  • 1860 Census - Hamilton, Van Buren, Michigan, United States Census Bureau, (www.ancestry.com), p. 10 of 19. He is living with Sarah Van Orman listed as age 56 female Domestic and born in New York. He is also living next door to his daughter and son-in-law, Samuel & Maria Parker.
  • 1870 Census - Watervliet, Berrien, Michigan, United States Census Bureau, (www.ancestry.com), p. 12 of 42. Daniel Burdick M W age 92, b. New York. Elizabeth Burdick F W age 78, b. New York.

Asahel Langworthy (I11370014) (~1778 - ~1832)
  • A graduate of the University of Vermont in 1804 , he was a lawyer and settled at first in St. Albans, Vermont.
  • He was a captain in the War of 1812, and fought in the battle at Plattsburg, Sept 11, 1814.
  • He then turned to land speculation in Texas, where he died of ‘fever’. His widow settled in Burlington, VT.
  • Census Tracking: 1810 - St. Albans, Franklin Co., Vermont. 1820 - St. Albans, Franklin Co., Vermont.

Amon Langworthy (I11371037) (1787 - 17 FEB 1871)
  • Buried at Newfane, Niagara Co., New York.
  • He was a soldier in the War of 1812 ,and lived for a while in the area of Traverse Bay, Michigan before returning to NY.
  • Census Tracking: 1810 - Otisco, Onondaga Co., NY. 1820 - Otisco, Onondaga Co., NY. 1830 - Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY. 1850 - Clarendon, Orleans Co., NY. Note: This census says his wife was named Mary (could have been called Polly), aged 63, born in MA. 1860 - Peninsula, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan. 1870 - Newfane, Niagara Co., NY (Langwoly).

Jeremiah Terhune (I11371091) (1786 - 8 SEP 1868)
  • Title: Colonel
  • Buried in Bacon Hill Cemetery, Northumberland, Saratoga Co., NY.
  • He married (1) Aurelia Force.
  • Served in the War of 1812.
  • Census Tracking: 1860 - Northumberland, Saratoga Co., New York.

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