Burdick/Hoy Connection

Researcher: John Sherman (
Posted: July, 2017

(John contacted me at the start of the year regarding a connection between the Burdick and Hoy families. To my surprise, no marriages between these families appears in the genealogy. I thought this was odd since, as we know, the Burdicks have connections with nearly all the old Colonial and early American families. I asked John to provide a summary of his research in the hope that others may be able to help us establish a connection as well as possibly help John with his research into other families. So if you can help provide him with any information, leads, clues or thoughts on how to proceed please contact him. -- HB)

I have been doing extensive research on the ancestry of Clark Gardner (Gardiner/Gardener) who was born between 1797-1802 in Vermont and who died (after 1860 in Michigan). Clark moved with his as-of-yet unidentified parents to Ontario sometime between 1802-1810. He lived in and around Norfolk and Elgin counties in Ontario. His first wife is Anne House (daughter of Abraham House who was born in NY in 1767 and who moved to Yarmouth, Ontario). His second wife is Lavinia Healey (daughter of Ebenezer Healey and Sarah Landers also of Yarmouth).

I have been working on tracing people who were connected to him to try to establish his parentage. A connection keeps coming up to the Burdick/Hoy family. I hope you can help with this family.

I have only identified two of Clark Gardiner's daughters, although he had others. These two daughters are Almira (full name Mary Almira) and Olive.

Olive Gardiner (listed in the 1851 census as Garden) was living with Edward F Brown and his wife Rebecca Jane Hopkins in Dereham Township in 1851. Edward F Brown is the son of Brinton Paine Brown and Elizabeth Hoy. I noted that Brinton and Elizabeth had a daughter named Almira and that Elizabeth's parents (Joshua Hoy and Phoebe Burdick) also had a daughter name Almira. Seemed to run in the family. I have been unable to find where my Almira Gardiner was in 1851. I assume somewhere nearby in Elgin, but haven't located her yet.

Here is information on the Hoy and Burdick families:

  • Joshua Hoy (1765-1804) and Phoebe Burdick (1770-1830)
  • Their children were born in Vermont, circa 1794-1798
  • They move to Ontario in 1799 (west Oxford/Oxford County)
  • They have a daughter, Almira Hoy
  • Almira married Samuel Harper in 1825, Norfolk County
  • They have a daughter, Elizabeth Hoy (1799-1882), who married Brinton Paine Brown
  • Brinton Paine Brown has a son, Edward F Brown
  • Olive Gardner lived with Edward F Brown in 1851

Additionally, I began doing research on Clark Gardiner's militia time (the people that were with him and immediately above and below him in the rolls). Clark was in the 1st Regiment Norfolk Militia in 1828. He is listed next to Thomas Cunningham and Thomas Matthews. Also listed near him is Charles Huff and Samuel Axford.

Charles Huff (1810/1812-after 1851) – married to Rachel Smith, who is the daughter of Abraham Smith (1791-1855) and Annie Hoy (1794-1854). Smith is the son of Othoniel “Otho” Smith (1743-1813) of NJ and Elizabeth Wright (1752-1817) also of NJ. Annie Hoy is the daughter of Joshua Hoy (1765-1804) and Phoebe Choate Burdick (1769-1830). Charles Huff was in Norfolk County, then in Southwold, Elgin County by 1851.

Of interest, the ancestry of Thomas Cunningham and Samuel Axford both eventually lead to Sussex, NJ. Thomas Cunningham was born in approx. 1792 in Rutland, Vermont. He is likely the son or a nephew of Elijah Cunningham (1759-1837) and Mary Ward (1750-1829). Elijah had another son named Charles Peter Cunningham born in 1793 in Rutland, Vermont. This Charles Peter Cunningham had a daughter named Olive. Elijah’s father, John Cunningham (1737-1800) also had a daughter named Olive (1772-1801). John Cunningham died in Hunterton, Chittenden, Vermont. Thomas Cunningham was living in Metcalfe, Middlesex County in 1851

Samuel Axford born likely in New Jersey. He died in 11 Sept 1851 at Windom, Norfolk, Ontario. He was married to Lavina Boughner, who was born in 1805 in Canada on 18 May 1825 in Norfolk, Canada. She died 21 March 1865. Samuel had a brother, John Abraham Axford (born 1806 in Sussex, NJ-1872) that married Lavina’s sister Elizabeth Boughner (1811-1872). Lavina’s parents were Peter Boughner (1770-1848) and Sarah Robbins (1773-).

I am curious if you might have any history concerning the Brown, Hoy or Burdick families (mentioned above) that might also show some type of connection to Gardiners. It is possible that my Gardiner family actually is from New Jersey or New York, rather than Vermont and that they may have only been in Vermont briefly after the American Revolution.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if you would like me to send further information. Thanks.

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