Crack in a Brick Wall?

Researcher: Barbara Bond (
Posted: April, 2014

(Readers of this Newsletter may recall that in the Spring 2014 issue I published several stories of researchers who are facing brick walls in tracing their family roots. One of those is Barbara Bond. She recently contacted me with an update. While she has not yet broken through her brick wall she has, just maybe, found a crack in the structure. Barbara's original story, and her update, are listed below. If you have Bond family members in your background, or if you know how to research Dutch families, please contact her. Barbara also has a plea for people to participate in DNA research, and I agree. -- HB)

Burdick Newsletter, Spring 2014:

I have been searching for the parentage of a James E. (Edward) Bond who had married Amarilla Burdick in 1845 in Illinois. Amarilla was born in Chittenden County, Vermont, the daughter of Lorin and Esther Bixby Burdick, both of whom were also born in Vermont. Lorin and his family later settled in Plainfield, Will County, Illinois.

Based on the census, James Bond was born most likely between 1811 and 1815 in either New York or Vermont. In 1837 he appeared in the City Directory of Cleveland, Ohio: he was in a business called "Bond and Bishop, Painters and Glaziers." His partner was Jacob Bishop, son of Abram Bishop and Anna Tremain (Truman) Bond from Granville, Washington County, New York. Anna apparently was a descendant of the Watertown, MA, Bond family for which there is no Y-DNA match with my husband.

In 1839 James Bond was in Chicago, Illinois, residing in the City Refectory on Dearborn Street. In 1845 he married Amarilla Burdick and had 2 children -- James Jr. and Timothy -- before he settled ca. 1852 in Lockport, Will County, Illinois. The names of his other children were: Mary E., Charles Alden (my husband's great-grandfather), Harriet, William (died young), Ella Susan, Lewis and Catherine. Unfortunately, many records between 1839 and about 1853 appeared not to have survived the Chicago Fire!

On 29 Feb. 1888 James Bond died of pneumonia, aged 78.

Despite much searching, no documents could be found which identified his parentage or even provided a clue.

So... if anyone has any information (no matter how little) please let me know. I may be contacted at Thank you in advance. I know this sounds like a plea, and it is! Someone, somewhere must have a clue.

Update, October 2015:

So far no solution with my husband's Bond ancestry; however, I recently got a new submission into his Y-DNA database (using Familytree DNA) at a genetic distance of 3 (multiply 130 by 3 to get the approximate time frame of the common ancestor). What is interesting is that the name was not Bond -- it is Dusenbury and the genealogy of the submitter goes back to the early 1600's when a Hendrick Hendricksen van Doesburg came to New York from Gelderland, Netherlands. This could be a non-paternity event (adoption or illegitimacy) or simply the adoption of the name Bond by a branch of the Dusenbury family. The latter is really possible since the Dutch did not have surnames as we know them until 1811. So, for example, the name given above really means Henry, the son of Henry, from Doesburg. You can see what problems this could cause in this country. For one thing, not all Dusenburys are most likely related!

Well, this is a type of clue but it doesn't much help -- it muddies the waters, so to speak, because over 60% of the autosomal DNA would be the same for this Dusenbury and Bond (this name could have many varies spellings). Consequently, it is important for me to know when the name changed. I am still spending a huge amount of time working on this and just hope I can solve it in my lifetime! What would help is for more males to have the Y-DNA test done!

Update, 10/29/2018:

Haplogroup of James Edward Bond is I-M223 (old group of Viking origin)

A high number of autosomal DNA submitters (Familytreedna and Ancestry DNA) show linkage in their gedcoms to Alden, Standish and Cooke). One of James Bond's sons, Charles Bond (ca 1857-1926), was given the middle name of Alden.

James Bond lived in Illinois since 1839 (in first city directory). He was a painter and glazier. He died in Lockport, Will County, Illinois, on 28/29 February 1888. He is buried in the Lockport Cemetery. According to what I was told by the cemetery administrator, there were no tombstones on the plot that he had purchased.

James Bond was earlier found in the 1837 City Directory of Cleveland, Ohio. He was in business, Bond and Bishop, Painters and Glaziers. The Bishop was Jacob Bishop of Granville, Washington County, NY. His mother's maiden name was Bond and she goes back to the Watertown, MA, Bonds; this group does not have James Bond's Y-DNA haplogroup.

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