Even though the Burdicks are one of the better-traced Colonial families there are still many, many gaps in the genealogic record. Family members are continuously researching their roots and, unfortunately, some encounter seemingly insurmountable problems. If I have learned one thing while maintaining this web site for over 20 years it is that solutions to nearly all problems can be found, given enough work and help from others.

This page features Burdick family members whose brick walls have been in place for years or even decades. Their stories are here, and my hope is that someone, somewhere, can help overcome the hurdles. I know it can happen, as also illustrated on this page under "Success Stories".

If you can help solve someone's problem please contact them. I can assure you that any assistance, or even suggestions of where to look, will be greatly appreciated. And if you have your own Burdick brick wall, please let me know and I will include it here.

Here is a list of those difficult Burdick ancestors being sought. Click on the corresponding link on the left side of the screen for the complete story:

  • Success Stories: Miracles do Happen! Read about the successes of Burdick researchers.
  • Searching for Hannah Burdick: Small bits of information may lead to a breakthrough. Do you have the key?
  • James Edward Bond: No, not that James Bond. James married Amarilla Burdick in 1845 and was an early Chicago inhabitant.
  • Mary Ann "Polly" (Hancock) Burdick: How can there be no evidence of this grandniece of John Hancock?
  • Burdick/Hoy Family Connection: This is the only known marriage between the Burdick and Hoy families, but the information is sparse.
  • Ancestors of Mary Caroline Burdick: WHo was her father? Sounds like a 19th century soap opera.

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